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2day 1.31

Thu Jul 15, 2004 - 12:59 AM EDT - By Michael Ducker

ShSh software, makers of TAKEphone, released an application that has been slowly developing in our forums and others: 2day.

2day is a "Today" type application. The idea behind it is to show all of your information that is important for the day on one page. This includes a detailed list of calendar and todo items for the day. But, that has been done before. What makes 2day special is that it also interfaces with many popular communications software for the Treo 600. This means that on the main page, voicemail indicators missed calls, alerts, SMS indicators, email indicators for Mail and SnapperMail, IM indicators for Chatter and VeriChat, and voice memo indicators for SoundRec and Audacity are displayed at top. In one glance one can view all important information on your Treo 600.

2day also features complete 5-way navigator support, made especially for the Treo 600. The background is skinablle using pictures from the Treo's camera, and it interfaces with ShSh software's other product, TAKEphone for phone dialing and other contact functions.

2day is available now for 12.95.

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