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Chatter Closed

Mon Jul 26, 2004 - 10:55 AM EDT - By Michael Ducker

TreoCentral user mblank, developer of the popular Instant-Messaging application Chatter, announced on the forums that he will no longer create new user accounts for Chatter.

"I am no longer creating Chatter IM Server accounts, although I plan to support existing users indefinitely. Sorry about that!"

Chatter was a $20 application that provided full instant messaging via MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, and AIM. As the application evolved am IMAP mail client was added, providing true push support of email.

Chatter is not dead though, as mblank posts that he will continue to develop some of the IMAP features in chatter.

"I'm working on the IMAP side of Chatter and haven't really touched the IM side for about six months. I plan on adding some new IMAP features, cleaning up, and releasing a 1.1 version within a few weeks (perhaps wishful thinking)."

The Chatter application can still be downloaded for the IMAP email capabilities. For those who are looking for an IM solution and do not have a Chatter account already, Verichat is one of the other more popular Treo IM applications.

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