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$149 $199 Treo 600 on ATT

Tue Jul 27, 2004 - 4:43 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

Verizon may have launched last week with the Treo priced at $499, but that's not the price you have you have to pay on all carriers. is now selling the AT&T GSM Treo 600 for only $149 after a $100 $199 after $300 rebate and activation. After this article was published, Amazon changed their price for the ATT Treo 600. The old price is represented by the striked out numbers. However, this still is the lowest price I have seen for the Treo 600 ever.

Here's the deal: will sell you the AT&T GSM Treo 600 for $249.99 $499.99 with activation. If you add a $19.99 a month or greater data plan to your service, Amazon will also offer you a $100 $300 mail in rebate. That brings the total cost for the $549 MSRP phone to $149 $199. Clearing out inventory in anticipation of new models perhaps? Who knows, but for now the price of the AT&T Treo 600 is a steal.

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