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PalmGear promotes Treo specific applications

Thu Jul 29, 2004 - 11:52 AM EDT - By Michael Ducker

PalmGear, the largest shareware Palm software download website, launched a new Treo 600 on its website today. A prominant image of the Treo 600's antenna serves as the link to the section. Ten Treo-specific applications have been chosen as PalmGear's "Top Ten" picks, ranging from Butler to iTreo.

In a seperate, but related announcement, PowerByHand, owners of PalmGear, announced the availability of a special edition SD card with Treo software for mobile operators. The applications included on the SD card are:

-- Treo Butler by Hobbyist Software
-- PDANet by June Fabrics
-- Skinner for Treo 600 by 79b Media
-- Pocket Tunes by NormSoft, Inc.
-- SplashPhoto by Splash Data
-- BackupBuddy by Blue Nomad, LLC.
-- Agendus by iambic, Inc.
-- Facer Launcher by PocketCraft Software
-- WiFile by Hands High Software
-- PhoneMagic by PhoneMagic (Penticon)

A consumer SD card with this collection of software is unavailable.

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