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Treo 600 vs. T-Mobile Sidekick

Fri Jul 30, 2004 - 7:00 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

A blogger by the name of Levi Wallach has written an indepth comparison of the T-Mobile Sidekick to the Treo 600. It is an interesting read that points many of the Treo's flaws and advantages, ending with admiration of the seemingly-unlimited capabilities of the Palm OS operating system.

"I really enjoyed my time with the Sidekick.� It was at times enormously frustrating, but the device is undeniably very elegently designed.� It�s just limited in so many ways and the kicker is that Tmobile has held it hostage and won't let developers the fredom to publish what the market demands and bring the Sidekick to a new level� The number of programs out there for the Treo make up for some of its limitations, even if some of these are still less in elegance�as compared to what the Sidekick has out of the box.� My main thought here is that the sky�s the limit with the Treo.� There are so many great developers and companies out there creating new applications all the time.� But the Sidekick is basically the same device that Tmobile and Danger introduced almost two years ago.� Yes, software upgrades have helped some of the functionality (it didn�t even have cut and paste functionality for the first year it was around), and the color unit added color.� A few applications have given us�more functionality, but that�s about the extent of the improvements.�"

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