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HBlogger 2.0

Mon Aug 9, 2004 - 2:14 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

Today, Hexlet, LLC, announced HBlogger 2.0. HBlogger is a mobile blogging client for Palm OS. We previously had a news item on the beta version of this software.

"HBlogger is�blogging client for Palm OS�devices. It�gives you completely new way to�blog. You can send your posts while you are at the road. If�interesting thought or�observation occurred to�you, for example, at�the bus on�the way to�work�� just jot it�down to�blogger and post immediately or�save as�draft to�review and post later.

If you are experienced blogger, maintaining several blogs, you can prepare and send posts to�several of�them at�the same time. If�you are novice, we�hope you will find our interface intuitive and easy to�use. You can create multiple posts and send them at�once."

Full details for the $9.99 application, and a download of it can be found at the Hexlet, LLC website.

The changlog from Version 1.0 is below.

* Memory usage optimized (allows to use hblogger with more weblogs)
* Treo 300 supported
* Support for more services, such as LiveJournal, UJournal, DeadJournal, Blurty, NeedlessPanic, Plogs, Caledia, GreatestJournal, Blogger, MovableType, TypePad, Weblogs
* Better error reporting
* Image upload. Now you can include images in your post. You can use files on external memory cards and images from Treo 600 image database.
* User can now specify optional image size attributes in the image upload dialogue.
* Separate menu items for inclusion of links to external and local images.
* Non-ASCII text now could be used in "mood" and "music" fields (for LiveJournal accounts only).
* Improved compatibility with variety of FTP servers.
* We do not use UTF-8 for and MovableType. Both these services do not currenlty correctly support UTF-8. Passing raw posting text allows at least to use accented French and some other national characters.
* Better error reporting for network operations failures.
* UI brush-up.
* Other various minor fixes and improvements.
* "UserPic" support for LiveJornal accounts.
* 5-way navigation for Treo 600.
* Easy way to add HTML and LiveJournal tags in your post.

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