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Documents To Go 7

Mon Aug 16, 2004 - 2:58 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

Press Release Below. A viewer version of Documents To Go comes free with every Treo 600. An upgrade for users who have previously purchased Documents To Go is available for $29.99. Treo users with the viewer version can purchase an upgrade for $49.99 for Treo users The complete "total" edition costs $89.99.

Today DataViz�, Inc. announced that Documents To Go� Premium Edition Version 7 is now available. With the addition of native Microsoft� PowerPoint� support, Documents To Go Premium Edition now offers native file support for all the core Microsoft� Office document file types -- Word, Excel and PowerPoint�-- as well as JPEG and BMP picture files. Now that so many Palm OS�� handheld users rely on wireless e-mail with attachments, especially with the rising popularity of smartphones such as the Treo 600, native file support has become an essential part of a mobile office suite.

"With the addition of native PowerPoint file support for both Mac and Windows users, Documents To Go is truly an unsurpassed office suite," said Ken Wirt, senior vice president worldwide marketing at palmOne. "Now palmOne handheld and smartphone users have excellent flexibility in working with their Office documents; they can synchronize contracts from the desktop, get the latest numbers sent to them via e-mail, or browse to a network folder to wirelessly retrieve a presentation."

In addition to native PowerPoint, JPEG, and BMP support, new features include a new handheld user interface, support for displaying Chinese, Russian, and Greek character sets, and integration between word processing documents and wireless browsers and e-mail applications. Documents To Go Premium Edition Version 7 is also the first version of Documents To Go that allows Mac users to use PowerPoint files on the handheld.

Why is Native Document Support Important?

Before native document support, the Documents To Go desktop application converted Microsoft Office files to a special handheld format that Documents To Go could open. Then the files were synchronized to the handheld. With native support, transferring and opening files is even easier, so no desktop application or pre-processing of files is required. Here are some examples where native file support is useful:

Use Documents To Go along with popular wireless e-mail applications such as VersaMail or SnapperMail to send and receive real Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files as e-mail attachments. Documents To Go can automatically open your attachments on the handheld itself so you can view Word, Excel or PowerPoint files and edit Word and Excel documents on the go. Then send your files off as e-mail attachments, and they will arrive at their destination as real Microsoft Office files.

Use Documents To Go to carry a PowerPoint presentation on your handheld or store it on an SD card. Once you get onsite, send your presentation to a laptop via Bluetooth� and run your presentation, without having to worry about carrying a disk or connecting to the internet to download your slides. When you are done, you can immediately share your slides with others at the meeting by sending your presentation to other Bluetooth-enabled handhelds.�

New Features in Documents To Go Premium Edition 7

Several new features are offered in Documents To Go Premium Edition Version 7. These include:

Native PowerPoint support: Documents To Go Premium Edition Version 7 is the first and only Palm OS� Office suite to support presentation Outline, Notes and Slide views natively. Receive native PowerPoint files via e-mail, Bluetooth, IR beaming or expansion cards and view them in Documents To Go with confidence. Documents To Go also supports PowerPoint for the Mac.

Native picture support: Pictures taken with built-in cameras are automatically displayed inside the Documents To Go application for easy viewing and e-mailing.

Completely new handheld user interface: The interface has been redesigned to streamline access to commonly used features such as Save, Sort, character formatting, alignment, and more. In addition, full screen support hides toolbars and menus to maximize the data onscreen.

Support for additional character sets: View Traditional Chinese*, Simplified Chinese*, Russian** and Greek** characters in word processing and spreadsheet documents.

Web and e-mail client integration: Web links and e-mail addresses in word processing documents are now integrated with the most popular handheld web browsers and e-mail applications.

Includes FilePoint Wireless software from Bachmann Software Inc:� Wirelessly retrieve your documents from a shared desktop or network folder.

Pricing and Availability
Documents To Go Premium Edition Version 7 is available immediately from�and will be available this fall in office supply and computer retailers such as Staples, CompUSA, and Office Depot, as well as from online sites such as Amazon, Handango, and PalmGear. The suggested retail price is $49.99.

Upgrade pricing of $29.99 is available for all previous Documents To Go customers, including customers who received Documents To Go as bundled software with palmOne, Sony CLI�, or AlphaSmart handhelds.

Documents To Go Premium Version 7 is also included in the new product, Documents To Go Total Office Edition Version 7. Documents To Go Total Office Edition is the most comprehensive office suite available for Palm OS handhelds, including support for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and picture files, as well as Outlook data and Access databases. Documents To Go Total Office Edition sells for $89.99 and discounted upgrade pricing is available for customers who own prior copies of Documents To Go, SmartList To Go and/or Beyond Contacts.

System Requirements
Documents To Go Premium Edition Version 7 works with Windows and Macintosh computers. It can be installed on Palm OS handhelds running OS 5 or higher.

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