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PalmOne expands airport retail store initiative

Mon Aug 30, 2004 - 12:52 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

Press release:

palmOne, Inc. today announced two new palmOne retail stores at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Dedicated retail stores opening at select airports across the country offer expert attention, helping always-connected executives and other mobile professionals choose from the company's line of Zire(TM) and Tungsten(TM) handheld computers, Treo(TM) smartphones, and accessories.

The first Atlanta airport store (Terminal T) opened on Aug. 2 with record-breaking sales, generating 62 percent more revenue in the first three weeks of business than any other palmOne airport location. Business travelers are gravitating to palmOne's line of mobile wireless devices, such as the Zire 72 and Tungsten T3 handhelds with built-in Bluetooth(R) technology, the Tungsten C handheld with built-in Wi-Fi, and Treo 600 smartphones. The second Atlanta store (Terminal B) opened Aug. 26.

"Our airport stores are about being in innovative locations that provide products and services exactly where they are most convenient for mobile professionals," said John Hartnett, vice president, eCommerce and accessory solutions. "At the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta airport, the busiest airport in the country, the Treo 600 smartphone is selling exceptionally well, as are accessories, such as keyboards, travel chargers, cases and expansion cards.

In addition to the two new Atlanta airport stores, palmOne recently opened the first Pittsburg International Airport store (Terminal D) on July 2, a second Newark Liberty International Airport store (Terminal A) on July 21, and a store in the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on Aug. 28.

"Customers in all our locations receive individual expert attention of a caliber that will satisfy everyone from the first-time handheld user to the most knowledgeable mobile professional," said Kanwal Sharma, director of palmOne retail stores. "The airport stores make it exceptionally convenient for business travelers to purchase the handheld or smartphone and accessories they need."

The goal behind the palmOne retail stores is threefold:

-- Reach new customers who don't necessarily shop in conventional office
or high-technology superstores or online;
-- Offer an attractive and comfortable environment staffed by expert
consultants enabling potential customers to interact with and buy
palmOne(TM) handhelds, smartphones and a wide range of software and
accessories; and
-- Illustrate the company's vision that handheld computers and
communications solutions can and will be used by people in all walks of
life to improve productivity, access and share valuable information and
enhance the enjoyment of life.

More information about palmOne retail stores and locations can be found at

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