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Coming Soon: Causerie Instant Messenger

Fri Sep 10, 2004 - 12:31 AM EDT - By Michael Ducker

I've actually been beta testing this application, but first the press release. My comments are at the end.

Causerie Messenger, an easily configurable Instant Messaging solution complete with bots, skins and a fully customizable user interface, hits the market on September 22nd. Allowing login to six accounts simultaneously, this versatile and powerful new messaging software allows login to two accounts of the same messenger type (Yahoo/MSN/AOL/ Jabber/ICQ).

Causerie Messaging server is also available for enterprise customers. Enterprise edition supports corporate Instant Messaging protocols like IBM SameTime, Jabber and Microsoft Live (beta). "We're excited about the release of Causerie Messenger as it provides mobile edition for enterprise and consumer IM in the same client� says Sreedhar Ambati, Director of Operations for Mantra.

roBots (Bots) are powerful buddy agents which retrieve real time information like stock, weather, news, currency, traffic info, eBay auction information etc. The bots can be configured at the server level to facilitate access to the corporate sensitive data in timely and encrypted fashion.

Causerie has been optimized for Treo600 users and supports five-way navigation/sound/vibrate/ LED options. DIA is supported on Tungsten3 and Sony devices.

The company stated that the Mobile Smartphone and RIM (Blackberry) editions would be available on November 2nd, 2004.

Key Features:

� Login access to messengers like Yahoo/MSN/AOL/Jabber/ICQ
� Readily available roBots to get important information in a single tap (stocks, weather, traffic status, quotes, news, eBay, Google and many more)
� Customizable skins for wallpapers/sounds (using skin maker)
� Simultaneous login to six different messenger accounts and two accounts of the same IM type
� User friendly yet simple view of buddy list (Tree View)
� Multiple modes to view the buddy list (All/Online/Groups)
� Logging of conversions (Customizable Archive Log)
� Ability to run the Causerie messenger in background while using other applications
� Pre-defined message support: quick text messages
� Support for emoticons
� Auto reply messages
� Font support: support for fonts with/without Font Bucket
� Customizable chat screen display/colors
� Mail notifications/customizable alerts
� Auto updates of Causerie

About the company:

MantraGroup ( is a solutions and services company focusing on wireless/Internet technologies.

I have been beta-testing Causerie for the last few weeks, and have generally been impressed. I think that of all the IM clients for Treo, Causerie has created the best user-interface. It does a great job of organizing multiple IM conversations on multiple networks. We'll have more information on Causerie soon, including a new Developer Forum for MantraGroup for you to ask your own questions, and a preview/review. One interesting thing, and the reason that I became involved in the beta testing, is that one of the included bots is a TreoCentral bot! From within Causerie you can access the latest headlines form TreoCentral, with links to the mobile websites coverage of the stories.

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