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HTC Manufacturing Treo Ace?

Mon Sep 13, 2004 - 5:08 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

DigiTimes is reporting from Taipei that super manufacturer/OEM/ODM HTC has begun shipping production units of a new PDA phone model to PalmOne.

"High Tech Computer (HTC) began volume shipments of a new PDA phone model to PalmOne this month and is slated to enter mass shipments in October, according to market sources. Along with increasing orders for its latest smartphone in Europe, both devices are likely to become key growth driver for the company in the fourth quarter of this year, indicated the sources."

This next generation Treo platform has been previously rumored here on TreoCentral, code-named the Treo Ace. As we reported in the end of June, the primary features will be a new high resolution (320x320) display, Bluetooth, smaller form factor, 312 Mhz processor, 32/64 MB RAM, 1.3 MP camera, new keyboard possible PTT support and much more. This August, a series of photos were leaked of this next generation Treo, confirming the bulk of our previous report. Currently, we believe that this Treo will be announced, and ship sometime in the end of October/early November, but we are not certain, and are always looking for more information. If anyone has screenshots or further hardware info we would be happy to see them (email to my address linked above).

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