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Treo Updater 1.0 available

Tue Apr 30, 2002 - 5:55 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

Handspring today released the long awaited Flash update for early production Treos. The update fixes battery life problems and more.

Even though the Treo doesn't have a Flash ROM, the flash memory for the radio is still accessible and thus this 3 MB download will take advantage of that memory location.


Download it here, and find out if you need it here. Only early production Treo Communicators benefit from this upgrade.

What does the Treo 180 Series Updater 1.0 do?

Most notably, it installs these improvements:

- Increases standby battery life to approximately 100 hours (from about 60 hours), depending on wireless coverage and signal strength.

- Provides an advanced dialog for call forwarding.

- Provides a new dialog for ringer preferences.

- Adds a language picker.

- Adds other behind-the-scenes improvements, typo corrections and edits to make error messages more helpful.

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