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VersaMail available for 600, but at a price

Thu Dec 2, 2004 - 9:47 AM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson

palmOne's VersaMail 2.7 wireless email software is now available for Treo 600 smartphones.

Some versions of the Treo 600 currently include Treo Mail, which provides basic POP email access. Now, with the availability of VersaMail 2.7 for the Treo 600, both POP and IMAP are supported. The IMAP protocol is used by some popular consumer email services as well as many small- and medium-sized businesses for corporate email. VersaMail is now available for handhelds and smartphones, offering customers a common user interface for email.

"We've heard from many of our customers that IMAP email on their Treo 600 is important. In keeping with delivering what matters most to our customers, we're offering VersaMail 2.7," said Steve Janiak, senior product manager at palmOne, Inc. "In addition to IMAP support, VersaMail 2.7 brings its advanced functionality, such as HTML mail support, and extensive message management features, making it even easier for mobile professionals to stay on top of their email without compromise."

Key features Treo 600 users can take advantage of with VersaMail 2.7 include:

- Automatic Mail Retrieval and Notification Users can stay on top of their life with automatic retrieval and notification. VersaMail automatically downloads new messages and alerts users based on their instructions.

- Web Content Support Read simple HTML messages or messages with colors or styles. Tap hyperlinks or any "www" sequence to automatically launch the Web Pro Browser 3.

- Inbox Management VersaMail has extensive message-management features. Users can choose to get headers only, set message size limits and set filters. Messages can be deleted on smartphone, server, or both. Trash can be automatically emptied at preset intervals.

- Display Options Display options allow users to see messages in one or two lines to view more messages or more detail, as well as select font size, read/unread colors, sorting options, and fields to display.

Pricing and Availability

VersaMail 2.7 for Treo 600 smartphones is available today from for an estimated U.S. street price of $29.99.

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