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New version of AvantGo

Thu Jan 13, 2005 - 12:56 AM EST - By James Hromadka

Goodies Galore

A new version of AvantGo was released today. The popular offline web content application has a host of new features. From the press release:

Enhanced connected/wireless features

  • Abbreviate sync times and minimize wireless costs by selecting the channels you wish to sync

  • Browse and search over a thousand AvantGo channels while connected

  • Surf the web using AvantGo – from a new section on the AvantGo homepage

  • Wireless-only channels, such as web mail channels, can now be accessed

  • Forms within channels (e.g. supply zip code for movie times) can be submitted wirelessly in real-time

  • Search AvantGo channels, and get search returns, in real-time

Enhanced user experience

  • A complete redesign of the user interface including tabbed navigation, customized channel layout, choice of fonts and new color themes

  • Small-screen optimized navigation designed to maintain ease-of-use

  • New browser versions for Palm OS 5, Pocket PC and Symbian, which include top requested features, including full-screen screen support for palmOne T3 and T5 devices

Improved on-device channel management and selection

  • Search, browse, and add over a thousand AvantGo channels from your device online or offline

  • Customize the layout of your channel list

  • Create Personal Channels from your device

  • On-device Help & Alert sections

  • Trouble-shooting tips and service alerts on your device

  • Channel recommendations based upon other channels to which a user is subscribed

Advanced customer support functionality

  • New user interface includes context help--each section has icon that can be expanded for more information about a feature

  • One of the new tabbed navigation features includes a Help tab which includes top FAQ’s and tips for each platform supported

  • The new Alerts tab displays important information regarding the user’s account or the AvantGo Service (e.g. Service maintenance notices, user tips, premium service expiration notices, etc.)


iAnywhere’s new AvantGo service is immediately available for free download at:

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