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Bluetrek G2 Headset

Fri Jan 28, 2005 - 8:13 PM EST - By Douglas Morse

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Great news to report -- This is one of the lightest, most comfortable ear pieces I have ever worn. I can hardly tell it�s there. The in-ear speaker is smooth and unobtrusive, and the microphone hangs a couple of inches down the cheek. The ear piece easily swivels for left or right ear wearing. It is soft plastic reinforced with some sort of bendable polymer so the earpiece is adjustable. My only concern is that if this piece were somehow to break, the whole unit would be rendered unusable.

The Bluetrek G2 has simple features. When the phone rings, you can simply push the large talk button in the center of the headset to answer it or better yet, be patient, and it will pick up automatically. A few beeps later and the headset kicks in. No cases to open, no fumbling to find the phone�s on button. The same button on the headset also allows you to hang up. Volume can also be controlled from the headset. There are a pair of buttons on the bottom which you squeeze to lower volume and a pair on the top which you squeeze for increased volume. However, the headset beeps annoyingly and a bit loudly when the volume is raised or lowered.

Sound Quality

Sometimes it�s good and sometimes it�s not. I think the problem is that Bluetooth is just one more link in the wireless chain that can lead to error, and the G2 is particularly sensitive. So when things get bad, they get very bad. Cell phone connections without the additional stress of another wireless link are already touchy. They are very susceptible to background noise, room acoustics, weather, interference, terrain, movement. Add another wireless link to that chain, and a fairly young one, technologically speaking, and the result can be frustrating situation. When the G2 is working well, it provides a solid connection. When it�s not, many words are clipped or cut off, and static and crackling appear. As a friend pointed out, it�s not much of a mobile phone if you can�t move while using it.

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