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Unlocked Treo 650 goes up $100

Thu Feb 3, 2005 - 10:13 PM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson

The price of the unlocked Treo 650 has increased by a $100, up to $699 from yesterday's price of $599.

According to palmOne Vice President Marlene Somsak, the $599 pricing was "a mistake. For those who got the earlier lower-priced GSM Treo 650's...lucky them!"

Maybe a mistake of anticipated demand?

The unlocked Treo 650 is attractive because it works with almost any GSM/GPRS network worldwide, so you can use it with your existing GSM/GPRS service plan. The unlocked phone also makes it easy to use local SIM cards when traveling internationally.

Some TreoCentral members offered their own explanations.

Silver5 wrote: "At only a $50 premium over the Cingular-locked version, it was a no-brainer to get the unlocked Treo 650, and I think an informed consumer that understood the value of unlocked would agree. At a $150 premium, suddenly the Cingular 650 looks like the bargain and I'm sure Cingular wants you to think that too."

Boobookins wrote: "How do you make a $100 typo and then leave it, unnoticed for 2 days while continually taking orders and charging cards or reserving funds? Did anyone responsible for pricing bother to check the site after it went up?"

WillNeedsaTreo offered a happier explanation: "Palm wants to sell it lower, but Cingular insisted before it went up on the website. Then, they let it out for $599, and jacked it back up when Cingular complained... Oops. The $599 was for us insane TCers who check this site every 5 minutes (10 at work) to keep us happy...".

Thanks to Carlos for the tip.

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