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Sprint Treo 650 firmware update next week?

Wed Mar 9, 2005 - 11:33 AM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson

A Sprint Treo 650 firmware update that will address audio quality issues and memory efficiency improvements may be available next week according to unconfirmed sources.

The update will also include improvements for VersaMail, improved TTY optimization, and the previously posted Bluetooth Car Kit and roaming patches.

The new software release is v1.08 of the Treo 650 OS.

  • Improves audio quality (Including fixes for voice "choppiness" and muting)
  • Includes previously posted "patches" for BT carkits and roaming
  • TTY optimization
  • Non-volatile memory improvements (NOT more ROM/RAM, but efficiencies in management)
  • VersaMail improvements (v3.0c)

Sprint will likely send out SMS messages (as they have done in the past for Treo 600 upgrades) to all Treo 650's active on the Sprint network in the next 7-10 days, with instructions on how to download the update.

It is noteworthy that DUN (Dial-up Networking) does not appear to be a part of this update, even though Sprint said last year that "while the functionality [Bluetooth DUN] is not currently enabled (due to some timing issues around the launch), it will be enabled via a maintenance software release coming relatively soon (no specific timing is available as we have to test things to ensure the best possible experience)... Once testing is complete, the functionality will become available."

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