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Bellagio Vertical Pouch Case

Tue Mar 15, 2005 - 12:48 AM EST - By Douglas Morse

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I've discovered the dirty little secret of Treo owners: we are compulsive case buyers. We don't know if we want to wear the device on our hip, in our pocket, or in a bag or purse. We suspect that if we buy the right case, we will find nirvana. But like the compulsive shoe shopper, we are always looking for something a little different, something a bit better.

It gets worse. We tend to switch back and forth between cases, under the mistaken impression that perhaps the perfect case is situation dependent; we use case for trips abroad, one for jaunts around the office, etc.


The Bellagio Vertical Pouch Case is designed as a hip-clip case and nothing else. The large round rivet in the back protrudes significantly and is strongly affixed to the case. The round rivet is polished and allows for a smooth swivel of the case in its beltclip.

The beltclip is like many others: a simple plastic affair with a couple of springs. Between the clip and the case, the Treo rides a good inch away from the belt. And although the case side nubbin is very firmly embedded in the case, the plastic clip itself could be pulled off with enough force.

The case itself is made of standard issue leather. The reinforced side that rides against the hip is very, very stiff and strong. The side facing outwards is also reinforced, though slightly more flexible. The inside of the case is a nicely cushioned soft felt, while the the sides of the case remain leather.

The magnetic snap closure is a good one and works well. The case itself is simple black with the bellagio (lower case letters are trendy) logo on a front rivet.

In terms of functionality, there is nothing to write about. None, and I mean NONE of the ports, rockers, switches, are available while the Treo is in the case. The cut outs at the bottom miss them, the strap over the top covers them, and the side leather obscures them. This is not a good case for those using a cabled headset.

For some, this may be okay if all they want is a simple holster, but I demand much more functionality from an accessory—even so far as to be able to listen to music while the Treo is in the case.

The case itself is fine, but simply too limiting for the Treo. Even unclipping the Treo gives very few options because of the protruding, irremovable nub on the back.

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