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Syncing multiple devices in Tiger

Thu May 5, 2005 - 6:00 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

Who are the ad wizards that came up with this one?

Although Mac OS X 10.4 works with HotSync and with The Missing Sync, 10.4 so far iSync 2.0 has been "good news/bad news" for me.

The Good News

There is no seperate conduit to install in order to get your Treo working with iSync anymore. Simply launch iSync and then click on Devices | Enable Palm OS Syncing. This launches a nice wizard that easily sets up the Treo (or any Palm device). The iSync conduit also seems much faster, and you can now reset an individual device.

The Bad News

There was once an Apple iMac commercial with Jeff Goldblum saying "there is no Step 3" when describing the setup procedure for the colorful computer. iSync 2.0 has made sync operations go from a one step to a three step process.

With iSync under 10.3, I routinely synchronized my Treo 650, iPod, Sony Ericsson K700, .Mac, and my computer by simply pressing the HotSync button. Now I have to do this:
  1. Launch iSync (this is mandatory)
  2. Click Sync Now from inside the Sync Status menu item (you can enable this through iSync Preferences)
  3. Press the HotSync button when prompted. Everything will then synchronize.
The above is the only way to sync everything. If you don't launch iSync, the Sync menu item only synchronizes the computer with .Mac and an iPod. If you instead click the Sync Devices button in the iSync application, this synchronizes the iPod and phone but not the Treo or .Mac.

It is hard to believed that Apple would make syncing multiple devices so difficult, but you can read the horrid details yourself in this Apple Knowledge Base article.

If like me you hate this cumbersome procedure, be sure to send feedback to Apple.

Update: I've gotten some feedback from Mac users that are syncing ok. It is important to note that the above issue and Apple KB article deal with syncing devices besides an iPod and a Treo.

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