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Skin your Treo

Fri Jun 24, 2005 - 6:23 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

SkinUI, a new beta application from Palm Powerups doesn't just change the colors of title bars, or backgrounds, but also can change the shape and bitmap of every widget on your Treo. Scroll-bars, buttons, menus, sliders, popups are all improved with this program.

Normal Palm OS

You can try out the new Palm OS Cobalt interface today, or my favorite, OS X. There is even a Windows XP skin available.

I've been using it for the last week and it found to be incredibly stable. The only problem is that it does not touch the Treo dial screen, as the Treo dial screen does not use any standard palm OS components. Also, mattyparanoid notes, "I tried it on my Treo 650. It stops the usage of the 5-way navigator on some fields. I made a post about it to the developer on his forum. He is aware of the issue and plans on fixing it in a future release. Without the 5-way, I had to delete it. Eye-Candy is not worth the loss of function."

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