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Seidio INNOCharger

Thu Aug 25, 2005 - 12:02 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

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> Name Seidio INNOCharger
> Company Seidio
> Weight 2.0 oz. / 57 g.
> Fact Sheet & User Opinions
> Available
> $21.95


The Treo 650's battery gives users up to 6 hours of talk time or 300 hours of standby time. That's not even a full business day. Thankfully, the Treo's battery can be quickly replaced with a spare, but you can't charge the spare battery unless it's in the Treo.

Palm has a cradle that can do the job, but it's too bulky to take with you. Seidio has released the INNOCharger for users that don't need a cradle but want to independently charge a spare battery. The INNOCharger is light and flat so it's well-made for travel.


Like the INNODock cradle, the first thing you will notice about the INNOCharger is its stylish looks. The INNOCharger is available in GSM Silver or CDMA Blue and looks like a mouse (the rodent, not the accessory). There is a red LED that indicates charge status and a stylus holder as well should you keep the INNOCharger on your desk and want quick access to a stylus.

An included USB tail (cable) plugs into the back of the INNOCharger and then plugs into your computer. This will charge a spare battery, but I recommend getting an A/C adapter ($9.95) for the USB cable for the fastest charge possible. Road warriors should also consider a car charger ($9.95) as well.

Using the INNOCharger is easy. The Treo's battery slides easily in and out of the INNOCharger, and the stylus holder is a nice touch. The only thing that the INNOCharger is missing is an indicator for when a charge is complete. A charge from a computer's USB port will take 3-4 hours, while a charge using an A/C adapter takes much less time.

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