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Smartphone Experts Cradle

Tue Sep 6, 2005 - 12:10 PM EDT - By Douglas Morse

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If you�re on a tight budget, then the cradle by Smartphone Experts is the one to get. It works exactly as it should charging and syncing with ease. It holds the Treo at a solid upright angle and even though the plastic is glossy of cheesy-black, you�re not really going to notice. After coming from the original Pilot 1000 through the Handspring Prism, I always took the cradle for granted. I was annoyed when I found that the Treo shipped without a cradle but grew accustomed to not having one. Only now do I realize what a relief it is to have a cradle again.



Design 4
Usability 4
Features 3
Cost/Benefit 5
(not an average)
  • Inexpensive
  • Unobtrusive
  • Simple
  • Cons
  • Occasionally have to rock Treo for a good connection
  • Will not work with a case
  • Computer must be on to charge over USB

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