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Wed Sep 8, 1999 - 9:30 PM EDT - By Mike Lee

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The first game from Red Mercury, LLC, AcidFreecell is an absolute winner. Once you get the hang of this game, it is an extremely addictive diversion from any, and everything.

Basically, AcidFreecell is an advanced version of solitaire to go. You can�t carry a pack of cards with you on the bus and spread them out on the floor, but you can take your Visor out of your pocket and play AcidFreecell. Where solitaire can get boring, this game does not. In fact, while some of the strategies you employ in solitaire are useful, AcidFreecell requires an additional set of instincts and wit. If you like solitaire, you will love AcidFreecell.

An amazing stat engine provides a wealth of information including minutes played today, total minutes and "best slack day" which translates to most continuous minutes played during a point of time. It also calculates your winning and losing streaks as well as win percentage. You can also search for all cards of a particular suit. To find a particular card, say the four of diamonds, you would draw a four in the graffiti area and all of the fours would highlight. This game even has fireworks when you win! Nifty!

The game comes with good documentation available via the options menu. Gameplay is quick and I have experienced no glitches. The only drawback to the game is, you cannot tell what color cards are beyond the card on the top of the pile. This makes some of the game guesswork, but overall does not affect gameplay that much.

The nice thing about this game is you can play when you get time. Whether its waiting for an elevator, riding the bus to school, or during a lunch break, you have instant access to your current game and can take as much time as you need to finish it. Perhaps if Red Mercury comes out with another version of AcidFreecell, there would be a time limit option for games.

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