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Handspring's EnTreoprise

Tue Nov 13, 2001 - 1:29 AM EST - By James Hromadka

At Fall Comdex 2001, I had the opportunity to attend a seminar Handspring was giving on its commitment to the enterprise market. Handspring introduced its Enterprise Alliance Partnership (EAP) program during the show and was eager to demonstrate its commitment to corporations. Michael Rosenthal, Solutions Alliance Manager at Handspring, gave a presentation outlining key partnerships that would help establish Handspring in the enterprise.

According to Handspring, the Visor is well-suited for the corporate environment. Features such as ease of use and fast access to information make it easier for companies to adapt the Visor to their needs.

The Springboard slot has allowed developers to create solutions for the Visor that appeal to companies. Wireless communications has been fully realized on the Visor platform, with modules available that allow 802.11 or CDMA capabilities. Combine that with email solutions that allow Microsoft Exchange Server synchronization from companies such as Visto and you can have mobile users that are never out of touch with the office.

With this in mind, Handspring really pushed the Treo as the perfect handheld solution for corporations, and I can't blame them. The Treo seems to be directly aimed at companies that use the RIM BlackBerry. Forget the SMS functionality of the Treo -- Exchange connectivity is where it's at in the business world, and the Treo will come with a personal version of Visto's software.

Besides Visto, two other companies discussed Handspring enterprise solutions. Extended Systems, the darling of Palm and Handspring, and Wireless Knowledge talked about real world solutions in places such as hospitals and pharmacies.

Most companies want an all-in-one device and don't want to worry about extra modules or accessories. The Treo allows companies to have their cake and eat it too. Secure web browser? Blazer is integrated into the Treo. The built-in keyboard makes SMS and other messaging solutions viable. GSM is steadily growing in acceptance in America and is already in key urban areas. Handspring knows all of these things and knows that now is the time to push into the enterprise market.

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