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Blue Nomad Security Suite Plus

Tue Jan 31, 2006 - 2:34 PM EST - By Harv Laser

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> Name Blue Nomad Security Suite
> Company Blue Nomad
> Tested with SprintPCS Treo 650, Windows XP Laptop
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> $49.95


There are two kinds of people who use computers, smartphones and handhelds: those who have lost data due to no fault of their own (hardware failures, loss, theft, software conflicts, breakage, and crapware, whatever) and those who will.

If you�re old enough to remember the 50s, when Dad left the family car parked in the driveway with the keys in the ignition and the windows down, you know how life has changed.

Personal security, not just for yourself and your family, but your possessions and your data is mission-critical these days, and the more we rely on computers, the more we need safety nets for those gut-wrenching times when they break or fail. It�s about peace of mind.

I backup my laptop�s email every day, and then store it in three separate places. It takes me about ten minutes for this ritual but so what. Would I rather lose years worth of emails? I don�t think so. Windows XP added �restore points� so if your computer went berserk, at least you could roll it back to a previous state of sanity. There's an outfit called Geek Squad buzzing around in new VW Beetles, who will even come to your home and fix your whacked out computer (for a pretty hefty price).


Blue Nomad has bundled together some programs that are like a Linus security blanket for owners of Treos and other Palms. They give you the warm fuzzies just knowing you have them. The company has been around since 1997 and their software is solid as a rock � it�s powerful and easy to use and it just plain works. Although each of their programs is sold separately, they bundle them as the Nomad Security Suite Plus and you can get them all at once. How much is peace of mind worth to you? At $49.95, this is a steal.

Their flagship product, BackupBuddy 2, is a Windows and now a new Mac OS X version program that does what Palm Desktop doesn�t.

For newer Flash RAM-based models like the Treo 650 and 700w which can�t lose your data if their batteries conk out, you might think �why do I need backup software?� Well what�re you going to do if your Treo is stolen, you accidentally break the screen, or you have to replace it for some other reason? And for Treo 600 owners without the comfort factor of Flash RAM, backing up becomes even more critical.

HotSync doesn�t really do it all.

HotSyncing won�t totally backup ALL your data, and it can�t completely restore your handheld after sync errors, dead batteries, resets, runaway programs or malware. BackupBuddy 2 protects ALL the contents of your Treo by keeping a running history of every change you make to each and every file. If something ever happens to your Treo, even if it�s lost or stolen and you have to replace it, you don�t need to spend hours restoring and reconfiguring while you cry and pop tranquilizers and slap yourself in the head. You can restore any file(s) or everything, from any backup made in the past.

BackupBuddy 2 protects everything on your Treo, including whatever�s on its storage card, by keeping it all in a database on your PC, all changes made since your last backup. BB2 can bring back copies of your programs, data files and settings in the event of any emergency.

You can return your Treo to its previous state prior to the problem, a process Blue Nomad calls "ZoomBack(TM)", similar to XP�s restore points but even better. BackupBuddy 2 adds a new conduit to the HotSync manager. Just HotSync with your PC regularly, and BackupBuddy 2 does its thing quietly in the background, or you can pop open its window and watch and fine tune it, and you'll enjoy a new sense of security knowing that your Treo�s contents, ALL of it, is safe and retrievable even in the worst-case scenarios.

There's a reason BB has won every award in the book. It's just the best there is.

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