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SP Experts MC6 Case without SD Slot

Wed Mar 1, 2006 - 2:39 PM EST - By Douglas Morse

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There�s an old Chinese curse. �Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.� When I reviewed the MC6 Magnesium case with SD card storage, I wished for one without the card storage slots. Now that I�ve gotten what I wished for, I find I prefer the case with SD storage.


The MC6 has a striking, stealthy flat black finish. In this winter weather, it is slightly cool to the touch. Like other InnoPocket metal cases, the interior is lined with a thin layer of soft neoprene. There is slight resistance as you slide the Treo into the case and the front door snaps shut with a satisfying snap.

The Treo keyboard is safely covered and the screen is protected by a hard plastic window on the case door, yet there are nicely shaped cut outs for all of the controls. The side rocker and button are easily reached and the top of the case allows access to the SD card slot, the ringer switch, and IR port. An elegant swooshy cutout below the window exposes all of the main navigation buttons. Each edge and cut out is gracefully beveled. Unlike the Aluminum hard case, which this one closely resembles, the door has a more advanced double hinge so it�ll fold all the way around and flush with the back of the case, though it does not snap into place. The double hinge design goes a long way to addressing the hinge issues of the Aluminum case.

This new version of the Magnesium case doesn�t have the two SD storage slots on the back creating a sleeker and slightly lighter case at just over two ounces. It�s also lower profile than many of the leather cases I�ve used and easily glides into a front pants pocket.

The MC6 ships with a belt clip and removable metal clip post that screws onto the back of the case. If you�re still using a Treo 600, the case even has a cut out for the rear reset hole, though the case works well with any standard Treo form factor from the 650 to 700.


For protection, it doesn�t get much better than this. Magnesium is both strong and lightweight. While not Milspec, this metal suit of armor will keep your baby pretty safe if you drop it. The neoprene lining adds cushioning. This isn�t Consumer Reports, so I didn�t buy ten Treos and drop them from various heights, but anecdotal evidence from the forums and my own minor mishaps bear out that this case protects your phone from drops of modest heights of several feet.

Although all of the ports and buttons are exposed, they�re slightly recessed - the case protrudes a millimeter or two around the edges keeping them protected. The hard plastic window is also strong, although it is prone to scratching. If you have the belt clip screw installed around back and flip the case lid all the way back, you will also increase the tiny scratches on the case�s window. These minor scrapes are annoying, though they don�t impair functionality. Some users have taken to popping out the case�s plastic window, an easy modification, although doing that leaves your Treo�s screen unprotected, negating the whole point of the window anyway.

The manufacturer warns that the belt clip�s screw-on post must be tightened firmly with a coin or screwdriver, since finger-tight isn�t enough to keep it from eventually wiggling and unscrewing itself. The case ships with these instructions on a slip of paper.

Unfortunately, the case is also prone to nicks and scratches revealing silvery color underneath the black finish. It�s disappointing that the sexy finish could scratch off, but a judiciously applied black sharpie is an easy remedy, like touching up small paint chip when some idiot parks too close to you and uses your car door as his doorstop.

The Treo�s earpiece, slightly recessed behind a small slatted bulge on the case�s front door is a couple decibels lower than if the headset is held directly against your ear. In noisy environments, you�ll want to flip the lid open and all the way behind the phone to use it. And, as mentioned, this version has no SD card storage slots.

Yes, I really wished for a magnesium case without the slots. Magnesium saves a bit of weight compared to Aluminum, I think it looks better with its flat black finish, and the double hinge is a smart design change. However, after using it or a while, I realized that I like to carry an extra SD card. I use one card for movies and another for music. As SD cards continue to grow in capacity and drop in price, a 2GB card is looking mighty enticing.

The added weight of the case with the SD storage slots is negligible and the slight additional bulge in the back of the case with card storage ability is also a non-issue. So I find myself using both versions of the Magnesium hard case. There is no reason for me to carry an additional SD card unless it has the latest episode of Lost. Either style of this case is a fine choice, and you can always carry a couple extra SD cards in your pocket or purse, since every mfr packages them with a little plastic case.

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