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Naztech Sport Case

Wed Apr 12, 2006 - 1:04 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

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Product Info
> Name Naztech Sport Case
> Company Naztech
> Weight 1.5 oz / 44g (case only)
> Test unit Treo 650, iPod, K750
> Fact Sheet & User Opinions
> Available
> $39.95


I am always on the lookout for ways to safely carry the Treo wherever I go. Last year I went Skiing with the Treo and had a great time with it. Living in Houston though, I don't have quite as many opportunities to hit the slopes, so I try to be active in other ways such as running or going to the gym. Many Treo users have been clamoring for a case that lets them take their Treos out for a run in something similar to the armband cases available for the Apple iPod. The Naztech Sport Case has an armband for running with the Treo and also provides several ways to tether your Treo to a backpack or bag. Is this the perfect case for the active Treo user?


The Naztech Sport Case is available in a myriad of colors, from normal boring black to Olive Green or Baby Pink. They are all made of an abrasion-proof fabric that feels quite sturdy. My review unit was the "Slate Blue" model, which in non-fashion terms is grayish-blue with dark orange bindings. It looks very sharp and is a nice change from the typical black or brown cases that normally come my way.

The bindings are elastic, allowing the case to stretch or contract to accommodate almost any cell phone. It was plenty roomy for a Sony Ericsson K750, while a Treo 650 took some wedging to get it into the case at first. This gets easier after using the case a bit. My iPod also fits in the case. Your electronic gizmo is secured by a velcro strap that goes over the top of the case.

There is a small plastic ball on the strap, but I found that adjusting that can be loosened or tightened as necessary depending on the size of your device. For the Treo you will want the ball as close to the velcro strap as possible.

Below the velcro strap is a clear rubber patch that says "Naztech Sport." The best way to insert the Treo is with its face pointing towards the big ring on the case; this way you keep the Treo's screen facing towards your body if you choose to wear the Naztech on your side.

On the top of the case is a large ring that can be attached to the slick-looking carabiniere that's included; it actually looks like the Naztech company logo. It's unlike any other carabiniere I've seen; it has two separate clips on it instead of the normal one, and it looks like it could be used to tighten a strap or belt in a pinch. This unique carabiniere can be used to clip the case to a backpack or bag.

Speaking of straps, the Naztech Sport Case also comes with a lanyard strap. The strap is quite wide and has "Naztech Sport" written all over it, which I think detracts from the overall look. The case can be quickly removed from the lanyard in case a call comes in.

The Armband

The back of the case has a small strap held on by two snaps. This strap can be used to attach the Treo to a belt or thin loop. Last but not least, the Naztech Sport Case also includes an adjustable armband that can be put through this back strap in order to wear the Treo on your arm. This armband is made of neoprene (a synthetic rubber) and is just like the strap used for the armband I use with my iPod Shuffle.

While many people have been clamoring for an armband for the Treo, I have always felt the Treo was too bulky to be worn in that manner. A Treo inside the Naztech Sport Case and attached to the armband weighs 8.7oz (247g). You better switch arms periodically or you'll have different sized biceps! As a comparison, using the case with a 3G iPod weighs 8.1oz (230g), and my diminutive K750 weighs a mere 6.0oz (172g). No wonder iPod Shuffles and Nanos are so popular at the gym!

Because the back loop is not very wide, the Treo wobbles a little bit while running. And if that's not enough, because this is a generic case designed to fit almost any mobile phone, the headset jack of the Treo isn't exposed very well. You can slide the Treo a bit to make the jack more accessible, but it just doesn't work very well. If you are truly desperate, you can insert the Treo upside down in order to have free access to the headphone jack.

While the case is designed to be attached to the outside of things, there is not a lot of protection for what's on the inside. The Treo's screen is protected by a soft yet sturdy fabric, and some of its sides and bottom are protected. However, almost everything above the battery door is exposed, so take Naztech�s �maximum protection� claim with a grain of salt.

The case has no SD card slots, but I don't think any sport case would have that type of feature.

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