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Desktop Time Solutions for the 700w

Tue Jul 11, 2006 - 2:44 PM EDT - By Tim Hillebrand


You can adorn the desktop of your Treo 700w with a surprising array of useful clocks that do a lot more than tell time. Enjoy personal slide shows, timers, world clocks, and more. This is just a brief sampling of a few of my favorites.

SPB Time, $14.95 [ Info | Buy ]

If you want a pleasant and handy desktop utility for telling time, consider SPB Time from SPB Software House. It is skinnable with four different choices preloaded. You can download more skins online free. My favorite is the Egyptian. Time quietly asserts itself automatically on your Treo 700W desktop when synced in the cradle. It has a world clock mode that will display four different time zones. It shows daytime and nighttime around the world, and you can tap on the map to get a current time reading at that location. It has a lap timer with seemingly unlimited events.

Dockware Pro, $9.95 [ Info | Buy ]

Another great choice for a desktop clock is DockWare Pro from Ilium software. The large DockWare clock with calendar pops up on your screen whenever it's idle in the cradle. It comes with some lovely photos from around the world, but you can substitute your own and have a slide show of your kids, your hobby, or your last vacation. DockWare will also allow you to password-protect your Treo from nosey intruders.

When I started this article, I thought it would be nice if I could turn my Treo 700w into a clock that would be easy to see on my desk while it was in the cradle or on the nightstand in my bedroom. So, I thought I'd try SPB's version because I had seen it many times while visiting the site and downloading some of their excellent software such as PocketPlus. I had absolutely no idea, however, what would happen when I searched the Web for Windows Mobile 5 clocks. I got 228 relevant returns, some of which are truly amazing. There are clocks for just about anything you can imagine.

Big Clock, $9.95 [ Info ]

The most full-featured one appeared to be Big Clock from Eppen Software because it is also a desktop utility with an application launcher, dual time zone keeper, and a multi-alarm feature.

In addition, there are clocks that serve as gaming timers for poker, Texas Hold ´┐Żem, and chess. If you are into art, you can adorn your desktop with Monet or Salvador Dali and other famous artists. There are glowing neon clocks and animated fire clocks. Check out the cooking clock with six timers. Would you believe a clock to help you stop smoking? What about talking, atomic time keeps? How about a clock that keeps track of the population of the United States with a birth every seven seconds? There's even a Chinese clock for telling the sex of your unborn child. There's absolutely no need for your Treo 700w to be the one for whom the bell tolls.

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