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Mon Jul 17, 2006 - 1:48 PM EDT - By Dieter Bohn

Social Networking? Social Treoworking

Let's Get Together!

One of the greatest things about is the fact that it's a social network. Not only can you see your own bookmarks, but you can see who else has saved the same bookmarks, view the most popular bookmarks, etc.

Before I realized that (see next page) didn't allow you to view any bookmarks besides your own, I suggested in a thread on the forums that we start all using and tag everything with two tags: "mtag" and "tc". I thought it would be neat for us as a community to be able to quickly and easily share Treo sites with each other. As you may see by the lack of replies in that thread (as of this writing, anyway), it wasn't an especially popular idea. :-( . In any case, the page for pages marked "mtag tc" is here.

Nevertheless, I really do think it's a great idea. Hopefully someday somebody will write up a little page that will interact with all of in a more mobile-friendly way. I fired off an email to the developers of to see if there was a way to achieve the goal of an automatically updated list of Treo-friendly sites available through their service. They responded by reminding me that has a network feature!

So what I've done is set up a treocentral user. You can bookmark that (or the quick version of the last 100 Treocentral bookmarks) on your Treo and away you go, browsing mobile sites to your heart's content.

As for the network feature: you can add treocentral's user to your network to get recommended links. If you want to recommend a link to Treocentral, you just need to tag a page 'for:treocentral' within and I will be able to add it to that page. I'll add other folks to Treocentral's network as well, so that Treocentral's network can become a huge repository of links.

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