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This is a PalmOS user's brain on 700w

Fri Jul 28, 2006 - 12:47 PM EDT - By Dieter Bohn

A New Arrival

UPS delivers a package to the door. Like he's done many times before, Dieter excitedly rushes down to answer it and get his new gadget. Somehow, though, there's less of a shine to this one -- maybe it's that he has done this so many times before, maybe it's that he knows that this device won't be his 'main brain' but a supplement. Really, though, he doesn't know how he will react to a 700w. Back in his apartment, he opens up the box.

So this is pretty familiar. Heck, the same basic packaging that I remember from the 650. ...Wow! The subtle hardware changes add up to a big difference! It really does feel more professional, better...

He pops in the battery, watches the device light up and is once again soothed by a feeling of familiarity, of sameness. There's slight differences, the initial splash screen has changed with every device he's ever owned. But the single word that appears: "Treo", that's home.

Aw, look, it has plusses [Ed. note: Dieter clearly doesn't think with good grammar.] to tap when you first start it like the PalmOS! ...But why so many? Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. I guess that works. You know, for all the complaining I heard about this only being 240x240 pixels, the resolution looks pretty good to me. I guess I better do the quick tour.

Hm, wait. You know, it's a weird feeling being this new to an OS. I kinda like it. I should see what sort of apps are good for it. Well lookee here! a Treocentral article that does just that. Now I can do screenshots!

Dieter downloads Pocket Controller Professional, noting that he'll have to get his windows computer up and running to really get into this device - the download is a .exe file. (Later he will realize just how cool Pocket Controller is - it mirrors the Treo on his laptop and even allows him to control the Treo via the laptop.) He continues on to the "Quick Tour" on the 700w.

Well, this is all standard stuff. Ah, start menu, hi there! I remember hacking stuff together on the PalmOS to get something like you. That will be pretty nice. ....WHAT? "Press OK to close any open window"?? That weird. Doesn't seem intuitive at all. I recall hearing that WM multitasks and sometime you have to worry about how many programs you have open. I wonder if "OK" closes the program or just the "window." Not intuitive.

...And yet, maybe it is intuitive. Or rather, maybe my definition of "intuitive" is skewed by the PalmOS. I can accept "OK" to close, there could be a certain sense to that. Different strokes for different folks and all. Open mind and all. No set definition for "what makes sense" and all...

Hunh. You can just "press the Alt key to display a list of alternate symbols," nice. You know, these little pop-up windows are really slick. ...WHOA, hey, predictive guessing of the word I'm typing is built-in. PalmOS, you might be easy to use, but you sure feel like an old dog that I've somehow forced to learn new tricks. Not like this spring chicken. Or something. Mixing metaphors.

Is it my PalmOS habits getting in the way? >>

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