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Palm Announces New Palm Developers Network

Wed Sep 13, 2006 - 9:49 AM EDT - By Dieter Bohn

A new tool for developers

Update: The full interview transcript is up on the next page. Michael Ducker also let me know that he was told by a Palm Rep. that he got some information about how much the "Designed for Palm" testingn will cost: "average cost will be $600-700 depending on the test." (...Of course the biggest news of the week is definitely the release of the 750v - be sure to check out TreoCentral's video of the device!)

Palm announced today that they are revamping their developer program, PluggedIn, now renamed the "Palm Developer Network" (PDN). The first such formal program to target both Windows Mobile 5 and PalmOS developers, PDN consists of new knowledge libraries, a new compatibility testing scheme, and a "Designed for Palm" program that includes a logo and will later include a "Palm Solution Directory"

You can read the full press release here. TreoCentral recently conducted a telephone interview with Mike Rand, director of the program,

Briefly, PDN's features for developers include:

  • A comprehensive, searchable knowledge base
  • A cross-platform compatibility testing suite by a third-party firm, Quality Partners - for a "nominal fee."
  • A "Designed for Palm" logo (after successful testing, of course)
  • Coming in late 2006, the "Palm Solutions Directory," a Palm-hosted directory of approved hardware and software
  • A device loaner program
  • The "Palm Select Developer Program," an invite-only program for select developers with "additional premium technical, marketing and sales service."

According to Mike Rand, several developers have already been trying out the program in Beta and have liked it quite a bit. Anyware Mobile Solutions, Appforge, Handmark, Motion Apps, SplashData, DataViz, Avvenu, and MobiTV have all come on board so far.

The program looks to be pretty exciting. The "Designed for Palm" feels a bit like the "Made for iPod" program to me. I'm especially looking forward to the Palm Solutions Directory - there are so many PalmOS (and Windows Mobile 5, I'm learning) applications out there it will be great to have a directory of the "elite bunch."

Again, we'll have the full interview up later today, so watch this space!

Full Interview Transcript >>

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