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MatchBookDrive + Microdrive = 340MB

Mon Apr 30, 2001 - 7:28 PM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

pdaLight today announced that they believe to be the first to have adapted a compactflash adapter to use a 340 MB IBM Microdrive in the Visor and hopes to expand that all the way to the 1 Gig Microdrive.

pdaLight adapted a Matchbookdrive Compact Flash adapter [review] for use with the Microdrive, which is powered by an external battery pack or wall transformer.

"We have solved the power supply problem previously preventing the use of a Microdrive in a compactflash adapter. Our power supply will handle varying D.C. wall transformer voltages while meeting the requirements of the Microdrive" said Bruce R. Nadro of pdaLight.

pdaLight has plans to develop a completely mobile module which can be powered either by built in rechargeable batteries, while on the move, or a wall transformer for use at the desk to conserve battery power.


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