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Scan Text into your Visor

Tue Apr 25, 2000 - 1:45 AM EDT - By James Hromadka

Name: QuickLink Module
Company: WizCom
Size: Not known
Weight: Not known
Memory: Not known
Hard Cover Compatible: Not known
Price: Not known
Available: June 2000

The QLModule, which is based on WizCom’s QuickLink Pen, will allow users to scan any printed data into the Visor.  All of this data can be uploaded to the PC.  This is the kind of product that anyone can use.  Everyone from students to executives can scan any data into their Visor.

The QLModule will contain the following PalmOS applications for your Visor:

  • Notes and Data -- a free form information database with file management features
  • Address Book -- allows you to scan business cards and synchronize your records
  • Tables and Charts -- maintains integrity of individual cells with direct input into a spreadsheet
  • Internet Links -- collects Internet addresses and transfers them directly to your browser or bookmark
The specs for the QLModule have not been finalized, so there may be additional features.  There will be additional applications available from the WizCom website for the QLModule, and the open architecture of the QLModule allows developers to utilize the OCR technology in their applications.  Some of the first applications that will be available for download will be over 100 translators and dictionaries based on the Quicktionary databases.

Development work for the QLModule will begin in January, and the product is slated for release at the PC Expo show in June 2000.


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