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The TreoCentral FAQ relies on you for its content. This has been a long-coming feature of TreoCentral.com, and we are really excited to see what knowledge the community has to offer. If you know of a question and an answer for any Treo topic, enter it below, and we'll briefly check it out before it goes live on TreoCentral.com.

To help encourage you to submit new FAQ entries, store.treocentral.com has donated one $20 gift certificate a week until August 31st, to be distributed randomly to anyone who submits, and gets approved an FAQ entry. Awesome.

The FAQ accepts basic HTML, such as links and images, so that you can better express your answer. Please make sure that your topic has not already been answered by looking through the FAQ index. Entering your TreoCentral username is important, as you will be credited for your efforts on the FAQ page for your entry. If you have questions, email Michael Ducker at [email protected].

Note, this system is for complete questions and answers. If you are searching for an answer to a question, ask around on the forums, or look at the FAQ index.

Thank you for your support!

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