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Vertical Pouch case for Treo (all models)

Tue Jun 26, 2007 - 10:24 AM EDT - By Douglas Morse

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Sometimes I'll get a piece of equipment and realize that first impressions are often incorrect. So it was when I received the Seidio pouch case. It came in a box with a few other review items and I put my Treo in it, saw that it was several sizes too big, and threw it to the back of my desk. I tested two other cases, but when it was the last one left, I started to use it. To my surprise, I found a lot to like about the case. Then, as I finally got around to looking up the case in the store, I found out that I had been misusing it. The case is roomy to accommodate a skinned Treo.


The Seidio Vertical Pouch Case is one of those that continually reveals its secrets the more you use it. The most striking feature is how roomy it is. A naked Treo sloshes around in there. However, once you put a skin on the Treo, it's a perfect fit. I'm using the Smartphone Experts Skin case which I recently reviewed. The leather is some of the best I've used simply because it is so soft and smooth. Underneath the leather is a soft foam like material, enhancing the delicate feel of the dark brown case. The lining of the case is also of the same supple leather, but in a complementary light tan color. The stitching of the case is also tan, creating highlights on the front of the case and nearly invisible where stitched on the inside.

Where the front of the case connects to the back is a stretchy material, allowing for snug, but variable thicknesses of devices. So if some skin cases vary in thickness, the Seidio pouch case will accommodate them. I also liked the way this held the Treo in snug, but not too tight.

The top flap contains a magnet which snaps shut over the front of the case, about 2/3rds of the way down, adding an extra layer of protection for the screen. Although I'm not about to test it, this case could certainly take a stronger direct screen impact than many, many others. The magnetic clasp is strong and there are no worries about it coming loose accidentally. The back of the case has one of my favorite belt clip designs. It is a low profile, swiveling, leather clip. The clip clasps snugly over the belt without adding an extra bulge. The clip swivels 180 degrees, which allows for adjustment as you stand or sit, but without fear that it will accidentally turn upside down. This also is a much more elegant solution than the cheap plastic belt clips. To throw this in a handbag or the like, there is no need to fiddle with removable nubs or anything like that. Just take it off your belt and it works. That said, I imagine this is considered a more 'manly' accessory as it is designed for a belt and is a bit bulky. There is a certain geek factor to consider when deciding to wear a computer on your hip.


Having a PC on your hip is actually quite convenient. I really like the magnetic closure as it means it is easy to use one hand to flip it away and grab the Treo. Since the Seidio case holds a skinned Treo, I have less worries about taking out the unit as there is still a measure of protection and a slightly better grip.

Speaking of protection, I mentioned that the case had solid protection over the screen. The skin case adds a second layer of protection around the entire unit as well. For design reasons, the Seidio exposes the Treo on the corners, but also exposes the connectors on the bottom. The exposed part on the bottom of the case is big enough for a charging cable OR a sync cable, but not both. I have a feeling that the makers of the case expect you to remove the Treo from the case to charge and sync it as the clip should stay on your case.

The Seidio has another hidden gem of a feature. Most cases that advertise a business card/credit card slot are misleading as most cards won't fit in them. Even the wonderful Organizer bookcase reviewed here can only hold so many cards and the others are false advertising as business cards tend to bend or only a few will fit in. The Seidio pouch case has a slot that actually works. Right now I have, logically, an international calling card in the slot, but it will hold a couple of credit cards or a half a dozen business cards comfortably without having to force them it. This is not designed to replace your wallet on an outing, but it will truly hold business cards or other items it makes sense to keep nestled next to your device.


It's nice to be wrong. The Seidio Vertical Pouch Case has so much going for it; it is the best case I've used that holds a skinned Treo. I never much understood why people would want this combination, and although I'm not a convert, I truly see the attraction. The Seidio has great attention to detail with lovely leather, great belt clip, business card slot that works, and solid protection. Highly, and unexpectedly, recommended. The case is $24.95 and if you choose to use a skin case, that could be another $19.95. It would be nice if the TreoCentral store would offer some sort of bundle price.

Anyhow, I just got another batch of goodies from UPS so I'd better wrap this up. Hopefully there will be another wonderful surprise in this lot as well.



Design 5
Features 5
Protection 4
Price/Performance 4
(not an average)
  • Great fit for skinned Treo
  • Will work with ALL models
  • Low profile clip
  • True Business card slot
  • Lovely leather
  • Great Protection
  • Cons
  • Bottom opening only sync or charge
  • Expensive with skin case

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