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Smartphone Experts Organizer Bookcase for Treo 680/750

Thu Mar 15, 2007 - 11:11 AM EDT - By Douglas Morse


It all started with a BookCase. Although the particulars are lost in the mists of time, one of the first items I reviewed for VisorCentral was a bookcase style case. After a bit of a hiatus, my first review for TreoCentral was also a book case design. The case for the Treo 650 has been updated and is even less expensive. So if you have one of those, check out the B650 Book Case

Now in front of me is a new Organizer Bookcase for the Treo 680/750. Actually I have two nearby – one with the fancy pockets, the other with the fancier lining. Ever the practical guy, I chose to go with the pockets first.


I am on the look out for the perfect case. Unreasonably I want one that can double as a wallet, flips perfectly, and is still slim-line. The Organizer BookCase has a lot to recommend it, starting with lovely black leather with black stitching. The leather, as I will note elsewhere is soft and supple.

The bookcase style means that the cover flips open like a book, in this instance to the right. When closed, there are still many functions available from speakers (front and back) bottom connectors, mics, jacks, side buttons, and camera. The top is exposed at all times, though the miniSD slot and reset switch are inaccessible until you slide the Treo from the case. The upshot is that you can even close the case after you answer a call. The front flap uses an elegant hidden magnet to stay shut.

Opening the case reveals the keyboard and screen as well as inside pockets. Two pockets are for SD/miniSD cards and two other credit card style pockets. Behind the two vertical credit card pockets is yet another horizontal pocket. Here of course I hoped to find my nirvana. I’d like to replace my wallet. With judicious planning, I might just be able to do that.


I was able to slide my Spectec miniSD WiFi card into the appropriate spot without problem. I even got a thin phone calling card in. I decided to abuse the case a bit by overstuffing the pockets for a day or two to see what would happen. I added two plastic credit cards and a folded twenty pound note in the horizontal pocket behind.

Surprisingly, the case passed the test. Although the front bulked out a bit, the case didn’t seem the worse for wear. The magnet, though seemingly not the strongest in the world still worked and the case didn’t flop open. I can attribute much of this to the super soft and supple leather ‘hinge’. I’ve tested cases where this part was so stiff that folding or bending the case too far would permanently compromise the integrity of the case. Not so here. On a call, I tend to fold the front flap all the way behind the case. The case easily comes back to close, even with the pockets overstuffed.

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