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Palm Launches Centro Into Singapore, Colombia & Malaysia

Thu Apr 17, 2008 - 9:50 AM EDT - By Mike Guccione

Though we don't have any reports of incredible launch parties yet (such as the Mexican debut for the Centro), Palm has continued their plan of World Smartphone Domination. It seems that the Centro's popularity continues to grow as more and more worldwide markets launch Palm's latest smartphone offering. At last count, 22 of the countries or regions on Palm's worldwide website now show the Centro as being available. That's pretty impressive. But for all this love Palm is showing it's worldwide markets, how about spreading some love north of the border? Our poor Canadian friends seem to be getting left out in the cold...

By the way, apparently Palm has indeed launched the mysterious white Centro with light gray number buttons. The bad news is, it doesn't appear to be coming stateside. So for all of you dreading those mean, green number keys, it looks like you better grab a bottle of white-out or do some serious gettin' used to 'em.

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