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Palm Centro Launch Party in Mexico City

Tue Apr 15, 2008 - 11:30 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

Party Time!

I read over at Palm Addicts that Palm had a launch party for the Centro a couple of weeks ago in Mexico City. Ed Colligan (Palm CEO) was present as was Miguel Hernández (LatinAmerica Manager), Ingnacion Gallego (Mexico Country Manager), Zorena Albarrán, Erika Garcia, Humbero Valencia, Mario Villarino and more people from Palm Mexico.

Ricardo Hernández and Luis Alberto Arjona Chin from PoderPDA were present at the launch party and they've provided a write up and photos from the event.

PonderPDA reported:

The launch party was at Cuché Bar, a well known lounge bar in Mexico City located in Palmas Avenue no. 500 (Even the avenue had the right name..). The entrance had two nice big Palm Centro´s in both colors: Red and Blue.

The launch party sounded like a lot of fun. Evidently the two big Centro floor models had RFID readers and the people invited had been given invitations that would be read via the big Centros. From the article:

For a start, the invitation I initially received was in Macromedia Flash and was a virtual Palm Centro showing the launching place with Google Maps. After that, we received some paper invitations with RFID technology within a “Centro” kinda-like paper.

The people attending the party slid their invitations and the staff people let them enter the party. Those wireless RFID readers were made by the famous Mexican mobile hardware technology, ACCSYS 3000, from Ing. Jorge Cabrera. That is so neat!

There were four more big Centro models inside the party with Palm staff standing by to help demonstrate several functions of the Palm Centro.

Sounds like Palm put on quite a nice shindig in Mexico City! Check out Ed Colligan autographing some Blue Centros. Hey Ed, how's about autographing one for me too? Very nice suit, by the way! Ed was looking sharp as were the Palm staff in attendance. I really like the female staff's black dresses with the word "Palm" in White. I'm sure you guys out there are much more interested in the "girls" wearing the dresses. You can read the full article and see more great pics here. I'd like to have one of those big Blue Centros in my Office for decoration! ;-)

Photos courtesy of PonderPDA

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