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Buy mom some flowers or chocolates and get a free Kinoma Player for Palm OS

Tue Apr 29, 2008 - 4:03 PM EDT - By Jay Gross

Kinoma, the makers of Kinoma Player for Palm OS, has a deal with TrialPay that gives away their software when you buy flowers for your mom. Mother�s Day is Sunday, May 11, so the deal is purposefully timely.

The arrangement gets you Kinoma Player for free if you buy flowers from FTD through TrialPay. A Mountain View, CA, company, TrialPay is an umbrella marketing group that lets you try or buy from various brands - including FTD - and obtain freebies for doing so. Advertisers pay for the free stuff.

Today's entry in Kinoma's blog announced the special. The TrialPay offer is for the full version of Kinoma Player, which normally sells for $24.95. If you were planning to buy flowers anyway, Kinoma Player's a great lagniappe. Besides, the qualifying FTD purchase can be a gift basket or a bunch of chocolates, instead of flowers. Yummm! There are other vendor choices besides FTD, all of them boring.

Kinoma Player is a full-featured music and multimedia player for Treo and Centro smartphones. Although the competing Pocket Tunes comes with Palm Centros, you can install Kinoma Player on your Centro and use it instead of the included player, which on AT&T Centro models is not quite the complete Pocket Tunes Deluxe version. For a tutorial on Pocket Tunes for Centro and details on AT&T�s differences, see my Centro Intro series, Part 5.

Alas, I'm not shopping for Mothers' Day gifts, as my maternal unit has gone on to that Big Hair Salon in the Sky. Well, I could send flowers to myself. Or console myself with chocolates.

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