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Palm Pocket Pouch - Treo

Mon May 12, 2008 - 4:19 AM EDT - By Jay Gross

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The most convenient place for a Treo isn�t necessarily the safest � in a pocket. At least, my pockets all generally host a collection that portends potential evil for the Treo�s touchscreen and other scratchable surfaces. Keys, coins, pens, a few Martian meteorites, and the ghost of a trusty Swiss Army Knife that I lost long ago.

The same is true of backpacks, book bags, brief cases, purses I suppose, and (for me) camera bags. So much flotsam, so little organization. This is one reason I lean toward pouch style cases for my Treos and my Centro while they�re in my pockets, in my laptop computer�s stuffed-to-the-max carrier, or in my camera bags. Plural on the camera satchels. I keep three of them equipped for various needs.

Palm�s Pocket Pouch (Treo) fills that bill beautifully, but with an odd reservation. Though the product�s name doesn�t say so, it appears to have been intended for the Treo 600, because the charging cable cutout at the bottom doesn�t quite fit my Treo 700p or my Treo 680. Both can be made to work, however, with a little pushing and squeezing to attach the charging cable. Besides, the neatly stitched, black padded case has an open top. If you absolutely must recharge (and HotSync and whatever else) while the Treo 680 or similar model is in the pouch, this problem is easily sidestepped by putting the smartphone into the pouch nose first. The antenna on the Treo 650 and 700 series phones makes this trick less useful. Even so, the cutout is hardly relevant, as it�s quicker than a snap to remove the Treo from the pouch for charging. My only quibble is that the pouch isn�t friendly to wired earphone plugs on larger Treos. Bluetooth? Who said �Bluetooth�?

The product�s fit and finish is worthy of any pocket I�ve ever met. While not extravagant its materials are durable and classy, and the manufacturing quality is great. The pouch�s feather weight, only an ounce, is a welcome boon, too.

Stiffeners embedded in the Pocket Pouch�s front and back walls provide just enough springiness to trap your treasure till you pull it free. The non-stretchy sides make this case much too loose for the Centro. It does work well for the Treo 680, and of course for my larger Treos � 650, 700p, and 700w.

The pouch has no belt attachment contrivances, no belt loops, clips, or other contraptions to hang onto your person or clothing. It�s right at home in a pocket, and belongs there.


While in the Palm Pocket Pouch, your Treo�s touchscreen stays well protected by the padded sides. Most of its surface area remains safe, too, although the end that faces the open top could do battle with pocket (or purse or whatever) objects. For its pocketability, simplicity, and convenience, this pouch does a great job of protection.

Water needs to stay away. The Pocket Pouch might save your Treo from disaster in a rainstorm, but forget any kind of major splashing, and don�t even think about a dunk. Stored in a pocket or bookbag, however, you might get away with a little more moisture, but be sure to err on the dry side, just in case.


Except for the 600-friendly cutout that I�ve already ranted about, the Pocket Pouch offers little other accessibility. If the Treo�s control isn�t pointing up, like the Ring/Vibrate switch, it�s not accessible. The open-top approach, however, makes it a snap to remove the Treo to answer a call, check voicemail, and so forth.


Simple and effective, Palm�s Pocket Pouch for Treo offers good protection, good looks, and instant-access convenience for pocketing your Treo safely. The low price tag of under ten bucks makes the product even better.



Design 4
Usability 5
Protection 4
Cost/Benefit 5
(not an average)
  • Simple and functional, protects Treo while in a pocket
  • Attractive and well made
  • Cons
  • Bottom cutout only fits Treo 600 connector correctly
  • Inside nylon could be softer
  • Top remains open

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