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Golla Funk Pouch for Centro and All Treo Models

Tue Feb 5, 2008 - 2:02 AM EST - By Jay Gross


Golla’s “Funk” pouch for Centro and all Treo models comes in a choice of two colors, but naturally I opted for the red. My Centro would make a firetruck jealous, and my Treo 680 is crimson (yes!), So of course I went for the red Golla Funk. I couldn’t be happier.

The case also comes in ivory, which is tempting, for contrast, but that model has a grass green lining, and I’m not a fan of green. Besides, if you’re going to wear it – and I am – then why not flaunt it. And I do.

This thoughtfully designed, top-loading pouch warms my heart with subtle design elements. Take the choice of materials. The outside is a thick, durable cotton with a pronounced weave and Golla’s neat “funk” design printed on somehow. Permanently. I tried to scratch it off with my fingernail and could not damage it. The front panel is well padded, and stitched in squares like a quilt, but the stitching doesn’t go all the way through – it’s covered on the back with a wale.

Corduroy wale, that is, dyed the same bold red as the rest of the materials. The color matches excellently, no mean feat for materials of different weight, content, and texture. On the inside of the flap, two Velcro strips, also dyed red, join a single, wider, Velcro strip on the other side to hold the case closed around your treasure. The inside of the flap subtly repeats the funk design. How they managed to print or otherwise apply that design on the textured corduroy I don’t even want to imagine, but it works beautifully and looks awesome.

The pouch itself, which is also well padded, has been lined in a smooth nylon of a beige-ish color. It’s echoed on the side by a zippered pocket for which I could see lots of uses like Bluetooth (or otherwise) headset. An open pocket on the inside is self-lined. It’s not padded, but the flap folds over it and secures its contents from falling out, while protecting whatever’s in it from harm.

In short, the structure of this case is outstanding, offering padding where padding is needed, slick materials where stuff has to slide over it, secure closure where appropriate, and a majorly sweet, designer look to the whole thing.

Another thing to admire about this case is Golla’s manufacturing quality. The stitching is neat and even, the seams are smooth, and the workmanship is top notch throughout, even in tricky areas. Did I mention yet that I love this case? Consider it mentioned.


The Golla Funk also brings a variety of toting and wearing options to Treos and Centros. Actually, the case won’t know or care what you put in it, smartphone or not, but I don’t have any of those other phones or any pods but the tri- variety. So I’m not going there in this review.

On the pouch’s back, decorated by the company’s logo, lives a cloth loop, so you can thread the case onto your belt, strap, or whathaveyou. That’s one option. The loop has two stitched button holes that form a sub-loop, in which lives a hefty D-ring, its closure equipped with a spring, mountain climbers’ carabiner style. That’s two. You can remove the D-ring, if you like, and use the sub-loop to attach a lanyard of your choosing. Actually, the one I’ve linked here isn’t long enough for neck wear, but I got a nice white one with the Smartphone Experts Skin Case for my Centro. That’s three.

Golla includes a black nylon bolo – I won’t call it a lanyard, though the company does – with the case. It looks okay, but not nearly as splashy as the rest of the product, and I couldn’t make it attach to the pouch securely enough to keep me happy. I didn’t photograph it out of spite. Maybe you’re more trusting of it than I am, and if so, that’s four.

Counting stuffing the pouch in your pocket or purse, that makes at least five options for carrying it around on or off your person. I favor the ones where I get to flaunt its beauty for all to see. Make way to the fashion runway! But minus the bolo. I’d much rather see a shoulder strap included.

Protection and Accessibility

Besides impressing all who think fire trucks aren’t red enough, my Golla Funk pouch gives excellent protection to the treasures I entrust to it, in turn. While the phone is in the case’s clutches, however, it’s not very accessible. My Bluetooth headsets still work, and I can still snake a wire out to my wired stereo headset, but there’s no charging, IR beaming, or eyeballing the screen to see who’s calling. Indeed, unless I’m using a headset I can’t answer a call without opening the case and retrieving the phone. For the other benefits of this pouch, and with the convenience of answering (and rejecting) calls with a headset, I can deal.

Golla’s a Finnish company, and a little tag sewn inside says the Funk is designed in Finland and produced in China. The minimalist packaging doesn’t mention any fjords, but it does bear the recycled (not just recyclable) logo. Considerate. Although the tag doesn’t say anything about washability, the materials are 100 percent cotton (the outside), 100 percent nylon (the linings), and 100 percent polyester (the padding), so I’d be willing to give it a gentle rinse when the inevitable happens.


With great looks, super workmanship, and excellent protection, the Golla Funk Pouch offers a welcome variety of options for carrying your Centro or Treo safely and with a sweet splash of designer pizzazz.

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Design 5
Usability 5
Protection 5
Cost/Benefit 5
(not an average)
  • Great looks with many design subtleties
  • Good choice of materials
  • Excellent workmanship throughout
  • Removable D-ring with spring closure
  • Soft, well padded cloth throughout
  • Zippered pocket for a headset or whatever
  • Cloth loop accommodates belt or strap
  • Inexpensive
  • Cons
  • Ringtone gets slightly muffled
  • Included bolo-like lanyard does not inspire confidence
  • Frequently out of stock, even at TreoCentral
  • Smartphone controls not accessible while in the pouch

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