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Treo Software Roundup - v062008

Fri Jun 20, 2008 - 5:35 PM EDT - By Neal Martin

Palm OS

In this week's roundup we look at Professional On the Go, CalorieGPS, updates to mTools, MemMaid, and more

Palm OS New:

Professional On the Go v1.0

Professional on the Go, by Mobile Digital Media, bundles Agendus (Professional version), Propel (Professional version), and GoogHelper for those individuals who are constantly on the road to easily manage personal information, contacts, meetings, communications, weather, calls, files, tasks and other general day to day activities.

The Agendus Professional acts as a PIM and communication manager, whereas the Propel manages the user�s contacts. The GoogHelper is an added bonus, it is a search utility that quickly launches an assortment of internet searches, using sites such as Google, Yahoo!, Amazon, etc. The three applications, together, gives the user a broad range of tools to maximize time and organization.

Professional on the go saves the user time and promotes efficiency for everyday tasks and activities.


  • 3 professional utility applications in 1
  • Over the Air access to stock quotes, weather, quote of the day, address look up, & day in history
  • Ability to view detailed contact histories, personal project management, & journaling
  • Capability to connect contacts & files to calls, tasks, meetings, etc.
  • Highly customizable
  • Photo dialing
  • One tap, easy launch of files/contacts
  • Organized landing view
  • Always present toolbar option
  • Favorites list
  • Drag & drop option
  • Voice launching
  • Skins
  • Quick web launch

Business professionals get it here for $69.95!

Calorie GPS

Calorie GPS, by RNS::, is the first caloric consumption calculator for Palm OS that provides fairly accurate statistics based on the GPS readings and a few user-defined factors. The GPS readings include distance travelled, current velocity, acceleration changes, and can also include altitude changes. The factors include body weight, terrain characteristics, and activity type:
- walking, jogging, running
- skateboarding bicycling
- skating, roller skating
- paddling, rowing
- skiing

GPS technology
An athlete uses the GPS satellite signal and RNS:: Calorie GPS to control his caloric consumption. RNS:: Calorie GPS uses the GPS technology to calculate the amount of calories that your body burns. It will work together with a GPS receiver connected to your Palm. With its help it will track your location, calculate your speed, and distance traveled. Using this information it will constantly estimate the current caloric consumption of your body, as well as calculate the total amount of calories burnt.

For everyday activities and for sports!

Thanks to its unique qualities, RNS:: Calorie GPS can calculate caloric consumption for everyday duties such as doing your morning jog or walking the dog.

Features/Useful for:

  • all-terrain boarding (ATB),
  • alpinism,
  • biathlon,
  • canoeing,
  • canyoning (canyoneering),
  • cycling (BMX, cyclo-cross, mountain bicycling, road bicycle racing, track cycling, unicycling, etc.),
  • decathlon,
  • dirtboarding,
  • duathlon,
  • kayaking (creeking, flyaking, royaking, squirt boating, etc.),
  • hiking (trekking, backpacking, hillwalking, etc.),
  • hunting,
  • iceboarding,
  • jogging,
  • longboarding,
  • mountain boarding,
  • mountaineering,
  • orienteering (Foot-O, rogaining, geocaching, etc.),
  • pentathlon,
  • racewalking,
  • and many others...

This sounds like a very interactive way to keep up with calories burned and keep yourself motivated at the same time!

Get it here for $9.95 and lose those inches.

Pet Care v3.5

Pet Care, by ieosoft, is a handy program to store all the information you'll ever need for your pet on your palm, including:

  • Description of your pet
  • Pedigree
  • Pet Insurance information
  • Emergency Info
  • Care Instruction
  • Health Record
  • Training
  • Activity


  • Description details about your pet's breed, color,gender, weight, height, etc...
  • Record pedigree notes, mother and father information
  • Keep emergency contact and info just in case something happens to your pet.
  • Record information about your pet insurance, including coverage, exclusions, and contact information for making a claim.
  • Recording step by step care instructions for your pet.
  • Record regular vaccinations your pet receives, how long they are in effect, and who administers them. Also, you can record any medications your pet receives, how long they need to be administered as well as treatment and symptom notes.
  • Keep a list of the commands you have taught your pet, along with any "indicator" words or signals you use, and their intended result.
  • Record activities, show, appointment or competition of your pets.

Pet owners, stop guessing about the important information when it concerns your beloved pets!

Get it here for $9.99!

Rampart College Survival Guide v1.0

Wondering what to give your high school graduate? The Rampart College Survival Guide, by Rampart Software Development, is a must-have for all incoming college freshmen, returning students, and college-bound high school students.

Did You Know?
To bring power strips to plug computers, phones, chargers, radios, clocks and appliances into limited dorm electrical outlets?
To bring rolls of quarters for laundry and snack machines?
To make sure any tutor you hire speaks your native language well enough to be understood?

The Rampart College Survival Guide could make the difference between your student's success or failure in college. To read the Rampart Illustrated First Aid Guide on your Palm, you must first have eReader installed. If you don't already have it, it is widely available for free on the Internet. Then, use your desktop software to install the guide to your handheld, and start eReader. It's that easy!


  • What to bring
  • How to improve writing skills
  • Note taking skills
  • Math study skills
  • Test taking tips
  • Money management
  • Remedies for falling behind
  • Staying healthy
  • Maintaining a healthful diet
  • Choosing a major
  • Items to keep for future employers
  • Time management skills
  • How to write a term paper
  • Learning style assessment
  • Math exams
  • Multiple choice and essay exam questions
  • Student credit cards
  • Signs of distress
  • Gaining weight in college
  • Dorm recipes
  • Studying abroad
  • Student web sites

Students, before heading off to college - prepare yourselves!

Get it here for only $9.95!

Palm OS Updated:

F1 Season 2008 v1.07

Deepweb Internetsolutions has updated its F1 Season 2008 to version 1.07.

This is basically a new version, seeing as it's 2008 now.

F1 2008 gives you detailed information about the F1 championship Season 2008. It contains information about the circuits, drivers and teams. It also possible to fill in the race results or update the race results on-line (new!)

This version contains ALL display resolutions: 160x160 B&W up to HiRes 320 x 320!


  • Results: Grand Prix Monaco & Canada

Get it here for FREE - though the author(s) do take donations.

mundu Interoperable Messenger (IM) - for Palm OS v4.1.0

Geodesic Information Systems Ltd. has updated its mundu Interoperable Messenger (IM) for Palm OS to version 4.1.0.

mundu Interoperable Messenger(IM) V4 - a revolutionary instant messaging technology for all Palm OS wireless devices and handhelds with Palm OS 5.2 & above. With mundu IM V4, your entire community of online contacts will be accessible to you through AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, MSN, Gtalk & Jabber IM services. You can carry out a host of real-time, important activities such as photo sharing, file transfer and cross-conferencing across services all with a single user-friendly UI. You can keep a record of your chats and also chat in multiple (international) languages.


  • Interoperability between all popular public IM services:: mundu IM V4 makes all your contacts from Yahoo, ICQ, AIM , MSN, Gtalk & Jabber available to you under a single interface.
  • Cross Conferencing:: Invite friends, colleagues or clients across AOL, Yahoo and MSN to conference within a single chat window.
  • Photo Sharing:: Share photos taken from your camera phone with friends and colleagues.
  • File Transfer:: Transfer files from your mobile device to friends and colleagues.
  • Email Notifications:: Receive email notifications for your Yahoo, MSN or Google Talk accounts on the move.
  • Smart Group Management:: Manage your groups for each IM service and simplify your chatting experience.
  • Multi-lingual Chat:: Chat with your contacts in European languages.
  • Expressive Chat :: Customize the color and style of your chat text and have the option to set customizable presence status across IM services.
  • Background Mode Support:: Stay connected on IM while you are on the phone or accessing other phone functions.
  • Message Archiving and Chat History:: Save your important chat conversations and view them later.

This type of program is becoming very popular, and for good reason!

Get it here for just $11.00.

HandPass v2.1

HandCase has updated its HandPass to version 2.1.

New version with double-checking master password creator. Software that provides security for storage and organization of your passwords, logins and numbers of bank card, credit or debit, card shop, login and password, computer, computer login and password and several other options of the password, including code validation. It password for access to 128 bits and algorithm blowfish. Structured for be flexible in the record of passwords. Offering choices of types of password than to have all the information organized into list and by categories. With It just remember a single password, your master password. In English. (sorry for the sloppy English, HandCase obviously isn't an English company Grin


  • password of the 128 bits
  • algorithm blowfish
  • double checking master password
  • options of the passwords
  • internal list of passwords
  • organize by category
  • master password
  • block for reset

Keep your data secure and protected!!

Get it here for $17.00.


MotionApps has recently updated mTools to version 1.0.4

mTools is an eight-in-one toolset designed specifically to make your everyday smartphone usage easier and more productive. This all inclusive utility suite is a one-stop-shop that will enhance your smartphone performance and save you a bundle with Start menu launcher, Card manager, Battery Saver and much more.


Card manager

  • Read from and write to your SD card and connect your smartphone to a desktop just like a usual USB disc. Works for both Windows and Mac!

Volume boost

  • Finally hear the other side of your conversation loud and clear. Boost the volume of incoming calls to as loud as you wish.

Battery saver

  • Extend the life of your battery and improve your user experience. Set keyboard backlight to go on and off when you want it to and display backlight to be just right for you. Turn off your cell radio during night hours automatically and save your smartphone battery too.
  • Backup and restore

    • Backup and restore your data with a single click
    • Schedule regular backups to keep your data safe
    • Restore your data after hard reset even without having mTools on your smartphone

    Remote lock

    • Secure your smartphone and protect your data remotely by sending a simple text message that you set up in mTools. Super easy and convenient way to protect your device even after it gets lost, stolen or misplaced.

    File browser

    • Get complete access to all the files in smartphone's internal memory and SD card. The file browser allows you to cut, copy, paste, rename and delete files easily.

    Start menu launcher

    • Did you ever want to have a start button launcher on the smartphone like you do on your desktop? There is one now in mTools - just click a button that you choose and quickly and comfortably browse through your applications, contacts, favorites...

    Web search

    • Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, are now closer than ever before - just type the keyword and search the web from the comfort of yoru smartphone.

    Be sure to read Jay's review of mTools.

    You can get mTools here for $19.99.

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