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Vodafone in Germany to Sell Treo Pro by End of September

Thu Sep 11, 2008 - 3:48 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

the::unwired is reporting today that Vodafone will be the first German telecommunications provider to offer the Palm Treo Pro. The Treo Pro is the Treo 750v's successor, and Vodafone's biggest selling WM phone ever.

According to the::unwired, Vodafone Germany will begin selling the Treo Pro by the end of September. We reported yesterday that Palm's U.S. website is now taking pre-orders for their unlocked Treo Pro. It looks like it'll be near the end of the month before any of us putting in our pre-orders will receive our Treo Pro's. On the pre-order page, it says, "Release Date: Buy now for shipping by 09/23/2008"

We told you last week that the Treo Pro was available for pre-order in the UK. I was just looking at Palm's Eurostore site and it says there: "Order fulfilment will commence week beginning 22nd September for France, Germany and Switzerland, and week beginning 15th September in other countries."

So it looks like Palm will be set to begin selling the Treo Pro around the globe in no time. And if you'll recall, we mentioned in the UK pre-order article that had reported that analyst compnay Cowen said that Windows Mobile will help push Palm's value up by 30% over the next 12 months.

Looks like some of our TreoCentral forum members have already put in their pre-orders for the Treo Pro.

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