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Palm Treo Pro Available for Pre-Order in the UK

Wed Sep 3, 2008 - 12:40 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


I just read in our TreoCentral forums that the Treo Pro is now available for pre-order on Palm's UK website.

UK customers can pre-order the Treo Pro for £399.00. The website states, "Order fulfillment will begin week commencing September 15th 2008".

The following accessories are also available:

  • 1GB microSD card with miniSD and SD Adapter for £18.00
  • 2GB microSD card with miniSD and SD Adapter for £30.00
  • 4GB microSDHC Card w/Mini and SD Adapter for £38.00
  • Leather side case for £18.00
  • Stereo headset for £18.00
  • Treo Pro battery for £35.00
  • International power charger for £24.00
  • micro USB cable for £14.00
  • Treo Pro Replacement Stylus 2 Pack for £9.00

There is also a Treo Pro pdf data sheet that you can check out here.

As I mentioned yesterday, wmpoweruser.com announced that Palm would be having a Treo Pro launch in London yesterday. wmpoweruser.com had a liveblog of the event. You can go and read their details of the Treo Pro launch.

One interesting tidbit from the liveblog was this:

Little known fact - Palm 750v was Vodafone’s biggest selling WM phone ever- the 500v was “selling to expectation”

wmpoweruser.com is also reporting via Barrons.com that Windows Mobile will help push Palm's value up by 30% over the next 12 months.

This information comes from Cowen, an analyst company who has just initiated coverage of Palm. Cowen says that there are two catalysts that are likely to initiate the boost in Palm's value:

  1. The once-aging Treo smartphone line-up is in the middle of a refresh based on the Windows Mobile 6.1 OS
  2. A new Palm OS should provide increased product differentiation by the end of FY09 (May).

I certainly hope Cowen's numbers are true and that Palm's value will be boosted. With the Treo Pro now available for pre-order in the UK, we'll begin to see how well the newest Treo will sell. And we'll be able to get the Treo Pro here in the US soon.

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