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Palm Kills TealOS

Fri Mar 27, 2009 - 12:52 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


I'm sure you recall us talking about the sweet new app from TealPoint Software called TealOS. TealOS is the app that gives your Palm OS smartphone the look and feel of WebOS that is on the Palm Pre. It's a multi-functional application launcher with swipe gestures, multiple applications, card representations, and a "wave launcher" that's callable from within almost any application. And TealPoint Software has been cranking out the updates quickly to improve this great app.

According to Jason Robitaille over at our sister site, Palm has brought down the ax on TealPoint's TealOS app.

The following message is posted on the TealPoint Software official messageboard:

I'm sorry to say that at Palm's request, as of this upcoming Monday, March 30, we will no longer be selling or distributing TealOS.
We really appreciate the help and unprecedented enthusiasm so many of you have shown for this product. It's been a long time since we experienced this kind of customer cooperation, and the program's success came at a badly needed time. We wish we could continue contributing to this great community.
For those of you who have already purchased the product, your copies will continue to function, of course, but we encourage you to download the latest beta copies to insure you have a stable version you are happy with and back it up to a safe place, as you'll no longer be able to download it after Monday. We'll continue through the weekend to try to get as many bug fixes and requested improvements in as we can before then.

I was wondering if that was going to happen. If you haven't already gotten a copy of TealOS, now would be a good time since you'll no longer be able to get it after Monday, March 30th.

There is some discussion going on in our forums in this thread about the end of TealOS being sold. Forum member VaccPalm had this to say:

TEAL OS has made my centro relevant again. I may wait a few months to get a pre even if I do. My Centro was getting a bit old feeling but now its like a new smartphone. I am not even sure If i will get a pre considering my Centro does everything I need of it. ( actually does things the Pre cant do ( slingplayer, vnc,SD Card, huge app library) For me the big difference is the Bigger screen on the pre ( which I need for my eyes) , better browser and the better camera.
Again want to say to the developers, terriffic program that updated the Centro and made it fun again. Great job. Looking forward to the final version on Monday. and folks if your on the fence about it buy it now as after this weekend you may not be able to get a key to unlock it.

Thanks TealPoint for the great app! Be sure to read Andre's TealOS review.

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