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Aluminum Hard Case

Sat Jun 19, 2004 - 4:16 AM EDT - By Michael Ducker

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Product Info
> Name Aluminum Hard Case
> Company TreoCentral
> Size: 116 x 69 x 32 mm
> Weight: approx. 55g
> Fact Sheet & User Opinions
> Available
> $34.95

All the cut-outs

I love the feeling of going thirty miles an hour on a road bike that has as much technology in its materials as the Treo 600 has in its electronics. But when I am alone biking, far from home, there is a peace of mind that comes from carrying a cell phone. The one time I crashed my bike to the point where it was unrideable, my Treo was there, enabling me to call a friend for help. When biking, my Treo resides in the left pocket of my spandex bike shorts. If I were to fall and hit my left leg, my Treo, naked in the pocket would have severe damage dealt to it. So this is where the Innopocket Aluminum Hard Case comes in.

The Innopocket Aluminum Hard Case for Treo 600, $34.99, is a form fitted hard case for the Treo 600. As the name suggests, it is made out of very thin anodized aluminum, adding only about half a centimeter of depth, and half a centimeter of width to the Treo. It weighs about 55 grams. The entire Treo is covered, including the screen and keyboard. There are cutouts for all the details of the Treo: speaker, microphone, hotsync, camera, reset pin, and even the 5-way navigator. On the sides of the case there are little rubber nubs to provide grip when holding the case. Inside, the case is covered in a thin neoprene. Inside the cover, a slide-in SD cardholder is included. Nifty feature. The Treo is held in the case by the friction with the neoprene, and also by a small metal tab that clips into the back of the Treo at the accessory attachment point.

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