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S650 Skin Case

Fri Jan 7, 2005 - 6:29 PM EST - By James Hromadka

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> Name S650 Skin Case
> Company TreoCentral
> Colors Frosted Clear, Solid Off-White, Smoke Carbon
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> $19.95


Treo in S650 caseWhen I reviewed the Silicon Skin Case, I liked everything about it but noted that using the Treo's keyboard was not as effective as it should be. The S650 Skin Case has a cutout for the keyboard, making for a perfect skin case.

There is also an S600 Skin Case available for Treo 600 users that is identical in every way except it also has a a hole to attach the lanyard.


The S650 case takes little effort to put on the Treo. Take the Treo and slide it through the screen opening, then pull the top part over the Treo's antenna.

Here is a list of Treo parts that are exposed:
  • Front - screen, keyboard, LED, mic, ear speaker (navigational buttons are covered)
  • Top - SD slot, Infrared port, Volume switch, stylus slot, antenna
  • Back - Camera lens, Mirror, speaker

    The S650 Skin Case adds essentially nothing to the size and weight of the Treo. The case stays out of the way, with no covers to get in the way when you're on the phone or need to use the keyboard. For anyone keeping their Treo in a pocket or purse, it is important to use screen protection to prevent scratching. As the silicone is only a few millimeters thick, it may not protect the Treo from a severe drop, but I feel comfortable enough to toss the Treo on to a couch or car seat.

    S650 backThe case is available in three colors: Frosted Clear, Off-White, and Smoke Carbon. As the case is made of rubber, it prevents the Treo from sliding across a table or off the front seat of a car. It does make it harder to remove from a pocket though. The keyboard is exposed, allowing normal typing, but the navigational buttons are covered. This has no effect on using the Treo, and you will quickly forget the case is even there.

    Although the S650 case comes with a lanyard, it does not have any obvious location to attach it with like the S600 case for the Treo 600. You can either lose the lanyard like I did, or run it through the cutouts on the top of the Treo 650.

    The only time that Treo 650 users will need to remove the S650 case is when changing the Treo's battery or to hard reset the device. This shouldn't be a common occurance, and it is easy enough to pull the case off the Treo.

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