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Pacific Rim Open Hard Case

Wed Aug 10, 2005 - 12:05 PM EDT - By Douglas Morse

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Product Info
> Name Pacific Rim Open Hard Case
> Company Pacific Rim Technologies
> Weight 1.7 oz. / 4.6 g.
> Fact Sheet & User Opinions
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> $29.95


The Pacific Rim Hardcase comes from the same mold as the DSI Hardcase and the Innopocket cases. They share the same form factor, hinge design, grips, neoprene lining and with the exception of the new Innopocket Magnum, lightweight aluminum casing.

The differences are mainly in the cutouts. The DSI Hardcase has only a small cut out over the screen for viewing of caller information. The Innopocket cuts out for the entire screen, but protects it with a hard, clear piece of plastic.

The Pacific Rim hardcase goes one further and leaves the keyboard totally exposed in an effort to maximize usability while still gaining some of the benefits of the hard case. There are also cutouts for the camera and speakers as well as the side rockers. The bottom port is open as is the top of the case.


It is a bit odd to have the Treo exactly three quarters protected and then have this huge open space for the keyboard. It looks as if someone simply forgot to finish this case. The upper part of the case easily opens on its hinge, but like the other cases I mentioned, the hinge feels a bit too wiggly. The top part of the case has a cutout framing a large plastic window for the screen.

There is also a modest cut out for the status LED and the headset speaker. The sides of the case have simple plastic grips. Further access is granted for the camera, speaker, side switches, top/bottom ports, and headset jack. The inside of the case is a thin layer of soft neoprene, which holds the Treo secularly in place.


I have a few quibbles with this case. First off, I found that the headset speaker cutout not to be generous enough. The sound volume was a bit low. I also managed to ding up the Open Hard Case a bit too -- putting some scratches on the plastic and on the aluminum as well. The keyboard is easy to use, the switches, ports, and speaker cut outs work. If you are adept at the five-way navigator, the case rarely needs to be flipped open.

The only trouble I had was figuring out how to carry the thing. It does come with a simple, removable belt clip and that seems fine, if unimpressive. Since I was worried about scratching the protective plastic further, I�ve taken to carrying my Treo and wallet in a waist pouch.

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