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DSI Hard Case

Mon May 16, 2005 - 10:50 AM EDT - By Douglas Morse


I was struck by how similar the DSI Hard Case was to the Innopocket Hard Case. From the hinges to the side grips to the material it was made from, the cases seem to literally have come from the same mold. However, there was one crucial difference – the size and scope of the cutouts.


The case for the Treo 650 by DSI has a large cut out for viewing caller information. However, and this is a big however, the cut out for the screen is NOT full sized. In addition, the cut out for the navigation keys also exposes the first row of QWERTY keys, though apparently not for use, but simply to allow easier access to the navigation keys.

The side rocker, bottom ports, and top features are available while the case is closed. The case is of a bookcase design and opens to the right. On the back is a cut out for the camera and rear speaker. There is also a removable nub for use with the included belt clip.

The inside of the case is lined with a thin layer of neoprene and the Treo slides securely into place. The aluminum case is exactly what one would expect from aluminum these days – tough and lightweight.


I fell in love with Innopocket Hard Case. It had a full sized screen view covered with clear hard plastic, and a cut out for the navigation keys. The case was super rugged, lightweight. Comparatively, I find the DSI Hard Case an exercise in frustration. The screen is only 2/3 exposed. The logic is that this allows one to use basic phone functions (including caller ID) but not sacrifice protection. I would much prefer a full screen view, or have a case truly designed for maximum protection with only a tiny (or no) cut out. This seems somewhere in between.

The keyboard cutout is generous enough for navigation, yet perhaps too generous. Again, the sort of choice I feel is somewhere between maximizing protection and maximizing usability without accomplishing either.

To makes matters worse, when you flip open the DSI Hard Case to use the keyboard, part of the restraining pieces get in the way of the Q key on the left and P key on the right making thumb-boarding annoying. And like the Innopocket case, it shares a wiggly hinge. I also found it a bit more difficult to hear while the case was closed.

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