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Treo Mail Internet Edition

Tue Jun 11, 2002 - 12:28 PM EDT - By Dieter Bohn


Well, its fifty dollars a year. I suppose that's a fair price for all of the work that Handspring's servers are doing. For me, though, I need a little more customization for my money. Handspring support is above average, and there's phone support too, which is pretty rare for a PalmOS software product. .

For the average Joe user, the kind Handspring ultimately wants using the Treo, TMIE is very handy and perhaps well-worth the money.

But for right now, I think the Treo is mainly in the hands of power-users, and TMIE just isn't up to snuff.

I have to admit I'm disappointed in TMIE and in Handspring. The service is great, but Handspring has sacrificed too much functionality in the name of ease-of-use. Were I reviewing it for just average users, I'd give it a 4/5, or for just power users, a 2 at best. I guess I'll just split the difference.

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Features 3
Usability 4
Setup 3
Cost/Benefit 2
(not an average)
- Exceptional integration with the Treo's features
- No SMTP server required
- Easy to use
- Only works with one email account
- Poor filters & web-only setup
- No folders

User Opinions
Thumbs Up 55% Thumbs Down 45%

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