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Krusell Handit with Multidapt

Fri Jun 14, 2002 - 1:11 PM EDT - By Gregory A. Gaub


Greg Gaub is the co-founder of SeaPUG, the Seattle area PalmOS device user's group. This review was originally published on SeaPUG.

The first thing I noticed when I took this case out of the mailing envelope was the quality. The leather is thin, smooth, and flexible, yet strong. The stitching is even and well trimmed with no frays or ends that I could find.

The interior is lined with a velvety material that couldn't possibly scratch the Treo's case. The edges, when exposed, are well trimmed and even, but most edges are turned and stitched for appearance and durability.

From a quality standpoint, this case excels above many other cases I've seen and used, and I have absolutely no complaints about the quality of the materials or construction.

The design of the case is another story.

This case essentially has two covers. The inner cover has a faux leather pocket that holds it to the Treo's flip lid/speaker section. The pocket has three small holes which align well with the speaker holes in the lid, but it has a tendency to slip off the lid a little when open which misaligns these holes.

The inner cover also has a clear plastic window so that the Treo's screen can be viewed with the flip lid still shut. This would be useful and welcome if not for the strong velcro dot that fastens the inner cover to the outer cover. While it's possible to hold the inner cover strongly to open just the outer cover, there's little reason to do so, especially since it's more difficult to do that than to just open the whole thing at once.

The inner cover is held to the back of the case with a norrowing piece of leather which is then stitched to a narrow strip of elastic to allow the cover to remain on the Treo when opened or closed. It works, but a more elastic strip would be more effective. One that stretches farther but remains taut when not stretched to its fullest would be ideal.

The outer cover protects the whole front of the Treo and is the continuation of the same piece of leather that makes up the back of the case. It has a tab at the end which wraps around the bottom of the case and snaps into one of two snap sockets on the bottom of the back of the case. There's a tasteful silver plate on the front with the Krusell name and logo on it, and a cutout at the top of the case where the antenna fits.

In the upper third portion of the back of the case is the Multidapt mounting plate which I'll get into later. One the inside of this outer cover there is a single card pocket suitable for a couple credit card type things, or maybe several business cards.

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